Inspire the Next Generation. Become a Leader through Alliant’s Child Development Bachelor’s Degree.

Alliant’s on-campus and online Child Development Bachelor’s Degree is the foundation toward a rewarding career serving  children through young adults as a teacher, counselor, case worker, or similar child-focused occupation.

A new 2017 track from the Child Development Bachelor’s to the Teacher Education program may also lead to eligibility for recommendation for a California Teaching Credential.

This specialized area of education equips students with the necessary focus, knowledge, and skills needed to create and facilitate learning environments for children and families that promote healthy development of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.

Graduates from our on-campus and online Child Development Degree Program often find employment in careers such as:

  • Child, Adolescent, or Family Developmental Specialist
  • Director of Family Development Agency
  • Preschool or Head Start Teacher
  • Case Worker/Case Manager
  • Family Advocate
  • Child or Day Care Provider
  • Afterschool Program Coordinator

This bachelor’s degree emphasizes applied experience, multicultural and community perspectives, and foundational knowledge to provide you with the best possible professional approach to children’s holistic growth and development.

Child Development Bachelor’s Program at a Glance

The on-campus and online Child Development Bachelor’s Degree is a full 120-unit program, providing students with both necessary core classes and specialized child development-focused courses. And, we welcome transfer students who already hold previous college credit.

Students who enroll in this program will have classes and coursework in-person, online, or a combination of both. All will go through educational, onground fieldwork requirements.

With an emphasis on hands-on learning, we incorporate practical courses, such as Introduction to Psychology, Beginning Spanish, Children’s Art, Music and Movement, throughout the program, which arms our students with essential skills for their future education and careers.

Which of Alliant University’s campuses offers the Child Development Bachelor’s Degree?

This program is currently offered at our San Diego campus and in our online format.

How does the online Child Development Bachelor’s Degree work?

The first half of our child development degree is offered in classroom at our San Diego campus. The second, upper division, half of the child development degree is offered online or on-campus.

Our online experience features virtual classrooms that recreate the experience of a traditional classroom, including interaction with your peers and professors.  This program is designed to help you succeed–whether that’s on-campus or in the online Child Development Degree Program.

Contact Alliant International University for more information about how the online Child Development Bachelor’s Degree can work for you.

Do my transfer credits apply to this program?

At Alliant, you can complete your degree with no impacted classes to slow your progress. We welcome students who already hold full or partial credit towards an associate or bachelor’s degree from another accredited institution.

Whether you are carrying over applicable credit hours or you’ve already received an associate degree, Alliant offers a fulfilling learning experience while you complete your BA in Child Development.

If you have completed the first half of the degree’s lower division curriculum, you are eligible to complete the rest of your child development degree online.

Contact our Admissions team for a personal review of your transcripts for eligible transfer credit.

How long does the Child Development Program take to complete?

As a comprehensive bachelor’s program, the Online Child Development Degree often requires four years to complete, but students with 60 units of transferable credit may be able to earn their degree online or on-campus in as few as two years.

Fast-Track Your Master’s in Education

This program is designed for students seeking a well-rounded education in child development and may be interested in furthering their education through a master’s program.

Field Placement: In this track, students engage in a 30-hour experience shadowing a permitted Child Care Center Director (or state equivalent). Students are required to submit discussion posts and assignments related to their experience during the eight-week course.

Fast-Track Master’s Program: This track is eligible for our Fast-Track Master’s Program, which allows students to jumpstart their master’s degree. In their senior year, students in the Bachelor of Arts in Child Development program, who meet the necessary requirements, will have the option to enroll in one of three Fast-Track Master’s degree programs:

Students who select a Fast-Track Master’s program will spend their senior year taking “bridge courses” – upper-level education courses that count toward the completion of both their bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

Unsure whether you want to pursue a master’s degree? No worries – you don’t have to decide until your senior year, allowing you plenty of time to explore future career possibilities and make your decision.

Planning Ahead

Graduate education can open up even more doors for your career and  strengthen the skills learned from your Child Development Bachelor Degree. Become a K-12 teacher in California by earning a Preliminary California Teaching Credential or continue your education in one of these specialized programs:

Get Started Today!

Perhaps you feel you are being called toward working with children, but you aren’t sure whether it’s as a teacher, counselor, psychologist, or something else altogether. Our admissions counselors are here to help get to know you better, your goals for today, and your goals for the future. Together, we can help you decide which path is best for you.

For more information about Alliant’s on-campus or online Child Development Bachelor’s Degree, contact us or call 1-866-825-5426.