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A Fresno University with Programs in Psychology


Are you interested in earning a psychology degree in Fresno? Our Fresno campus is located in the epicenter of the San Joaquin Valley. This mid-sized city of 500,000 residents lies in the center of California, which makes it an attractive location for nature lovers. Our college in Fresno is uniquely situated and within easy traveling distance of a variety of national parks and major recreation areas, including Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Park. The city itself is also a medical and correctional hub, which provides plenty of career and experience opportunities for students who attend a university in Fresno.

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Fresno boasts some of the most affordable housing options in the state with a comparatively low cost of living. Naturally, that’s an important factor for many young professionals choosing to settle down in the area.  

Each year, approximately 400 psychology students are enrolled in our programs. Our Fresno campus offers a variety of graduate programs in psychology, including clinical counseling, clinical psychology, organizational behavior, organizational development, organizational psychology  and more. The campus is home to multiple classrooms, including a computer lab, videoconferencing center, a teaching computer classroom, and a variety of amenities and resources that our students need to succeed. 

Fresno Campus Graduate Programs

The Fresno campus offers the following graduate degree programs in psychology:  

  • Psychology Degrees
    • MA in Clinical Counseling – Our master’s in clinical counseling degree program trains students to master the skills they need to be able to diagnose, treat, and guide patients to overcome diverse issues. Graduates emerge equipped to touch hearts and minds as a clinical counselor. 
    • MA in Organizational Psychology – This master’s degree focuses on Industrial Organizational Psychology. The program equips graduates with the practices and tools they need to be stars in the business world, from communication to leadership.
    • PhD in Clinical Psychology – A research-centric doctoral program created for bright academics who wish to gain a better understanding of the psychological, biological and sociocultural factors that influence human behavior. Students who undergo this rigorous training will be properly prepared to pursue their scholastic endeavors.  
    • PsyD in Clinical Psychology – An APA-accredited doctoral program that combines hands-on training with contemporary psychological theory. Once finished, graduates are prepared to handle the rigors of a career as a clinical psychologist.  
    • PsyD in Organizational Development – In a world of connectivity, the separation between personal and professional identity becomes less and less clear. Our Organizational Development program teaches business leaders to navigate this rapidly changing world. We seek to prepare students with the organizational leadership knowledge and skills they require to be a changemaker in corporations across the country. 
"I couldn’t have asked for more of CSPP—the training opportunities, the practicum, the number of sites that you are given access to— it really is delivered in terms of the clinical training…it's spectacular."
Anna Jacques
CSPP Alumna
“I deliberately chose CSPP because it is a professional school. I knew I wanted to be a practitioner, and I went to Alliant for that unique model. The school provided a good balance for making you a good consumer of data and science, yet also preparing you to work as a professional.”
Mark Blankenship
Alumnus, California School of Professional Psychology

Our Faculty

Alliant International University’s educators are among the best in the country. A few of the Fresno campus faculty include:


Debra Bekerian PhD, Professor and Academic Director

An alumnus of Berkeley with a PhD in Experimental Psychology, Dr. Bekerian serves as both a professor and the Fresno campus’ academic director. Dr. Bekerian teaches several courses, including Basic Foundations of Clinical Diagnosis and Intervention, Group Psychotherapy, and PsyD Proposal Development. 

She has spent decades as a senior research scientist with an emphasis on applied memory and trauma. Professionally, her research has focused primarily on adult and child event memory, child development, and the impacts of abuse on development and attachment.   


Merle Canfield PhD, Professor

A known researcher and professor, Dr. Canfield is one of the very best teachers on the Fresno campus. He teaches and leads student research teams, which present at national and regional conferences. His classes include data analysis and program evaluation, research design, multivariate analyses, and psychometrics, amongst others. 

The early focus of Dr. Canfield’s academic pursuits centered on chronic schizophrenia. From there, he moved on to analytics and statistics, human systems, and psychotherapy research. Over the years, he has worked on the National Institution Mental health (NIMH) grants, consulted with Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs), and sat on the national council to support and develop program evaluation for CMHCs. 


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How to Get to Our Fresno Campus:

Alliant International University of Fresno is located at: 
5130 E. Clinton Way 
Fresno, CA 93727

Our campus is off East McKinley Avenue and close to several major freeways and highways, including the 180, 168, 41, and 99. 

Our hours are: 
9AM – 5PM Monday - Friday

Contact our Fresno Campus via phone at: (559) 456-2777


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