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Online Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program Overview


If you feel a calling to shape future generations an elementary school teacher, the Preliminary Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential Program is for you. The program will prepare you to become an elementary teacher-of-record in any TK–8 classroom, whether in a traditional classroom, online, or both, within California. Over the course of your studies, you’ll get all the instruction needed to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive elementary education to each and every student in your class.

Do you see yourself running a self-contained classroom? Whether you plan on working in a private or public school, our teacher preparation and credential program will provide you with the tools you need to successfully lead and teach in a variety of subjects. The program offers credential courses to help you learn the basic skills requirements, subject matter competencies and master the challenges to successfully connect with and teach a group of kids.

If you want to become a transformational elementary school teacher, our California multiple-subject teaching credential program is for you. Learn more about the multiple subject credential online program below.




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Faculty and Admissions

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Program Highlights


Fully Online Program

The Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential program is now fully online, using advanced teaching platforms using video, which means all coursework can be completed from the location of your choice, on your time.


Hands-On Learning, Tailored Guidance

Although instruction is delivered in an online format, you’ll never have to worry about going it alone. You’ll be paired with a field supervisor who will provide mentorship through online observations and guidance.


Multiple Credential Pathways

You’ll find three pathways toward earning this credential, including Student Teaching, Intern Teaching, and Early Completion Intern Teaching. Each include English Learner authorization as part of the credential program

“In my experience with Alliant it was very clear from the start that there was a commitment to education being the great equalizer—and so, I feel like I got tools through my learning at Alliant that are allowing me to become a better teacher and reach out to everyone in my classrooms.”
Evelyn Serrano
CSOE Alumna

Multiple Subject Degree Information

Three Ways to Earn Your Multiple-Subject Credential Online

Alliant offers three different pathways toward earning your Preliminary Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential in California:

Student Teaching

The Student Teaching Option provides the ideal environment to study pedagogy and apply it in the classroom under the guidance of a Master Teacher before you begin your career as a full-time teacher-of-record. Under the Student Teaching Option, you will complete a 16-week student teaching assignment in two different grade levels. Learn more about our Student Teaching option.

Standard Intern Teaching

This option is perfect for those coming into the degree program with classroom experience but is open to all candidates, regardless of experience level.  The very first class you’ll take provides you with the tools and knowledge to set you up for success in your internship. Learn more about our Standard Intern Teaching option.

Early Completion Intern Teaching Option (ECO)

The Early Completion Option is an abbreviated version of the Standard Intern Teaching Option. The ECO is ideal for experienced classroom teachers who have not yet earned a preliminary California teaching credential. Admission to the ECO program is contingent upon successful completion of assessment exams designated by the CCTC. Learn more about the Early Completion Intern Teaching Option.

English Learner Authorization 

All credential courses receive English Learner authorization embedded within the credential program.


Links and Downloads

School Performance Fact Sheet


Find the Program That’s Right for You

Is a Multiple Subject Credential the right path for you? Alliant University also offers a Single Subject Teaching Credential for those interested in becoming a secondary school teacher. Pursuing a Single Subject Credential can pave the way to teaching a specific subject in departmentalized classes, like in a middle- and high-school setting. By using our Teacher Preparation Program Finder and answering a few questions, you’ll be guided towards the best teaching credential or certificate program for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of job can I expect to get with this Preliminary Credential?

    Graduates often end up teaching at the elementary-school level, where a multiple-subject credential is most useful, though you may also continue to teach at the middle- and high-school levels, and in other settings, as well. A successful completion of a single subject teaching credential may be better fit for any teacher candidate interested in working more closely with students in the middle- and high-school level. Other career options include becoming a school principal, a classroom materials creator, adult and secondary educator, policy maker, and a professional tutor.

  • What scholarship and financial aid options are available to me?

    Private and public scholarships can help multiple subject candidates meet the cost of your education and become an education specialist; Alliant International University offers institutional scholarships for many of our students. Learn more about these scholarship opportunities here. Additional Financial aid is available for those who qualify in the form of loans, grants, federal work study, and military aid. Learn more in our Financial Options Guide.

  • Does graduation from this program prepare me for my licensure exams?

    Yes, this preliminary teaching credential will graduate you well-prepared to both take and pass the following teacher-licensure exams in California: The Assessment of Professional Knowledge (APK) Exam, the CSET exams, the TPA exams, and the RICA exam. If you wish to be a teacher in another state or region, you will have to take and pass those state- and region-specific licensure exams.

  • When does the Online Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential program start?

    This is an eight-week term program and is open for enrollment during each of those respective enrollment periods. You can find a copy of our eight-week term academic calendar here.

  • How long does it take to complete this program?

    The Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential is either a 21-, 28-, or 30-credit program, depending on your internship track, and takes a minimum of one year to complete, over six terms.


Degree Campus Locations

Alliant has six campuses throughout the state of California. The Preliminary Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential Program is only offered as an online program. Explore our online programs below. We offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, PhD’s and more.


Why Alliant

At Alliant, our mission is to prepare students for professional careers of service and leadership and promote the discovery and application of knowledge to improve the lives of people in diverse cultures and communities around the world. Our Vision is an inclusive world empowered by Alliant alumni.



At CSOE, we believe that education is the great equalizer and are committed to preparing and empowering the next generation of educational professionals. We also offer a Single Subject Teaching Credential at our university.


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