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two teacher interns posing for a class photo with their child students

Intern Teaching Option

Work as a paid intern while earning your teaching credential.


Teacher Intern Credential Program Overview

If you are currently a classroom teacher, the standard intern teaching credential program enables you to continue working as a paid educator while pursuing the preliminary PK-12 California teaching credential (single subject teaching credential, multiple subject teaching credential, or education specialist credential).

In addition to your paid intern teaching position, you will engage in online educator preparation coursework and receive professional mentoring from an experienced field supervisor as part of your teacher education. With the teacher intern program, you can choose whether to complete pedagogy coursework before securing an intern teaching credential or do both simultaneously.

Alliant has assisted in preparing hundreds of California teachers for effective, rewarding, and enduring careers as teachers serving California's diverse student population. Let this program help you join their ranks with the teacher intern program. If you want to learn more about student teaching or being an intern teacher, applying for the school's internship program is an excellent place to start. Prepare for your future teaching profession today by enrolling in the teacher intern program.




Program Overview

The standard intern teaching option is an alternative teacher certification program approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). This teacher preparation program provides you, in your internship year, with the necessary coursework and instruction, allowing you to work toward your preliminary California teaching credential or certificate, all while working as a paid teacher in a middle or an elementary school. All other coursework and assignments required for completing the student-teacher program are done online through Alliant International University.

Intern Teaching

While operating under this teaching internship credential, teacher candidates receive mentorship and support through at least three classroom observations and coaching sessions conducted by a designated Alliant field supervisor each term. Coaching sessions provide ideal opportunities for you to receive feedback, refine your teaching techniques, and gain practical insights into the teaching profession. The close guidance from field supervisors also helps intern candidates to build confidence as they prepare to become an effective educator.

Field Experiences

Under the standard intern option, you will gain field experience and take on immediate and complete teaching and classroom management responsibilities. Field experiences enable teacher candidates to put into practice the principles and theories acquired during the educator preparation program and apply them in real classroom settings, whether in elementary education or early childhood education levels. These experiences also offer opportunities to engage with diverse populations, various age groups, and different school environments.

Please note: Candidates of the online teaching intern program are responsible for finding and securing an approved intern teaching position; private schools are not state-eligible to host intern teachers.

To learn more about the requirements for this teaching internship pathway, click the link below.


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