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Business Doctoral Programs

Take your business education to the next level with advanced education.


On-Campus and Online Doctoral Degree and Online Programs

Are you ready to take your higher education to the next level? When you hold a doctoral degree, you won’t just participate in your field of study—you’ll be in a position to help shape it. Whether it’s through conducting ground-breaking research, training the next generation of the field’s professionals, or advising the industry in an administrative role, you’ll have the potential to serve as a practitioner and a manager in your field.

As a graduate student or master's degree holder, earning a professional doctorate degree in your field is the highest academic achievement possible, preparing you for just about any challenge or opportunity that presents itself. Alliant online doctoral programs provide you with the tools you need to become a true leader in your field.

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Doctoral Degree Programs at Alliant

From the PhD and PsyD for psychology students to the EdD for education majors, doctoral degree programs provide options for you to further your education at one of our six California campuses or online. With an on-campus or online doctorate degree from Alliant, you'll be trained not only to handle tough industry questions, but also to pursue becoming a leader in your field and blaze a trail for future generations.

Each doctoral program provides coursework in your field, along with dissertation work that helps you dive deep into your industry's challenges and allows you to apply your knowledge to real scenarios.

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Why Choose Alliant for Your Doctoral Program?

Whether you choose to take an in-person or online doctoral program, you'll learn from experienced faculty that encourage you to reach your academic and personal goals. Beyond the academics at our doctoral degree university, you'll find an ethos at Alliant that is welcoming and promotes diversity. This brings with it not only an atmosphere of acceptance, but one that allows you to learn from other perspectives and cultures, translating your academic experience into human growth and a better understanding of your peers. 

Earn your doctoral degree at Alliant International University.

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Demystifying the Dissertation Journey

To many doctoral students, the design, implementation, and publishing of the dissertation seems like an overwhelming series of formidable tasks. Just when students feel they can see the light at the end of the tunnel as they complete their studies, many fear that it’s just an oncoming train! It is true that there is the possibility of completing the units required to graduate a doctorate program without ever completing the dissertation, which leads to the dreaded label of ABD, ‘All But Dissertated’. However, this typically occurs when the student has run out of time and out of extensions. Thankfully, this is the exception. 

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