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Leadership & Governance


Alliant International University is part of Arist Education System, a global system of universities focused on health and human sciences. University management responsibility is delegated to the President, who is supported by the President’s Cabinet.


University Administration

Title Name, Education
President Andy Vaughn, MSEd
Executive Vice President & Provost of Academic Affairs Tracy Heller, PhD
Associate Provost, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships Diana Concannon, PsyD
Chief Financial Officer Christoph Winter, MSc, ACCA, CVA, CIA
Chief Information Officer Joshua Blazer
Chief Operations Officer Amy Kwiatkowski, MAOM
General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer Afshin Afrookhteh, PhD, JD
Vice President, Human Resources Andrea Boozer
Vice President of Student Services Esmeralda Silva

School Administrations

California School of Professional Psychology

Title Name, Education
Dean David Stewart, PhD
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Debra Kawahara, PhD
Associate Dean of Training & Administration Stephanie Wood, PhD


California School of Education

Title     Name, Education
Dean Kristy Pruitt, EdD


California School of Management and Leadership

Title     Name, Education
Dean Rachna Kumar, PhD


California School of Forensic Studies

Title     Name, Education
Dean Diana Concannon, PsyD


San Fransisco Law School

Title     Name
Dean Tim Weimer, JD

Faculty, Staff and Student Government

Faculty governance structures directly involve academic leaders in all aspects of University management, including student recruitment, selection, monitoring, evaluation and curriculum development, and faculty recruitment and performance monitoring. Policy recommendations often originate from faculty committees or student representatives.

University staff members are represented by an elected Staff Council, a body that has both campus and systemwide officers.

At each campus, students are represented by a Student Government Association, a self-governing body that enhances student welfare, student life and educational quality. Via a systemwide University Student Government Association, students are actively involved in a wide variety of University governance issues.

Campus Administration 

Grabriel Prendez, Campus Director

Michele Pino, Campus Director

Los Angeles
Stephanie Byers-Bell, Campus Director

Kimberly Gardner, Campus Director

San Diego
Jonathan Vega MBA, Campus Director

San Fransisco
Rudy Torres, Campus Director


Board of Trustees Board of Directors

Joyce Berenstein

Kay Krafft
William Husson Benedikt Dalkmann
Erika Kirchner Tina Krebs
Jeffrey Keith (chair)


Ron Longinotti  
James Lyons  
Lawrence Moore  
Natalie Porter  
Andy Vaughn  
Carolyn Hickman  
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