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The mission of the international student admissions department is to help guide students from all over the world as they pursue their educational journey in the United States. Our Admissions Counselors provide individualized assistance to our international students and their families throughout the application, immigration, and acclimation process. 

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It is our goal to ensure that each student can build a home away from home at Alliant and we support students as they transition into our university community. We are committed to setting the tone for the personalized experience awaiting our future and returning students, and our mission in embodied by each student we help on their path to impact. 


International Enrollment Information and Resources

  • In-House Transcript Evaluation

    At Alliant International University, we understand the preparation and amount of time it takes for you to compile required documents, which is why we want to help ease the process through our in-house transcript evaluation service with no charge to you. Alliant will accept a scanned, color image of official or true copies of academic transcripts, marks sheets and graduation award certificates for an admission decision. Transcripts and Graduation certificates are evaluated by trained Alliant staff to provide U.S. equivalency. Once accepted to the university, the student is required to present official documentation to the Admission office or International Student Services Office for verification. 

    Students may also choose an approved vendor to provide this service at a cost. You can visit for this full list. Once completed, please request that the evaluation service send an official copy to the Alliant International University Application Processing Center.
    All foreign documentation that is not issued in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. 


  • EducationUSA

    EducationUSA centers are the U.S. State Department’s network of more than 400 advising centers in 170 countries designed to help local students find the appropriate college or university in the United States. These centers can also help prepare you for your Visa Interview and the Visa Process.  Find your local EducationUSA center by visiting the EducationUSA website.

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  • International Student Qualifications

    Alliant accepts the following international qualifications as equivalent to a US high school diploma:

    • Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
    • General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
    • Cambridge O Levels
    • Cambridge International A Levels 

    Applicants must complete at least 5 IGCSE/GCSE/GCE O-Levels to achieve equivalency with a high school diploma, and at least 3 academic GCE A-Level exams to be eligible for advanced standing admission with transfer credit. Applicants are required to have a minimum of 5 subjects passed (grades of C or higher), including English and math, and without any duplication.

    Furthermore, to achieve equivalency with a high school diploma, GCSE or IGCSE grades must meet the undergraduate requirement of at least a 2.0 GPA based on the grades posted on the exam statement, and students who have A-Level are eligible for potential transfer credits (see Transfer Credit Policy) up to 30 undergraduate credits as defined by the International Education Research Foundation (IERF).


  • Placement Tests

    Placement tests in English and mathematics are required for all entering undergraduate students who have not met the English or mathematics requirements for their degree. If a passing grade is not attained, registration for ENG0999 and/or MTH0999 is required.


    TESOL Programs

    IELTS 6.5
    TOEFL iBT 80
    PTE 58
    CEFR C1
    iTEP Academic 4.5
    CET TEM-8
    Duolingo - Graduate 95-100
    Duolingo - Undergraduate 85-95


    Academic Programs other than TESOL

    IELTS 6.0
    TOEFL iBT 70
    PTE 50
    CEFR B2
    iTEP Academic 4.0
    CET CET-6; 500
    Duolingo - Graduate 95-100
    Duolingo - Undergraduate 85-95



    IELTS 5.0
    TOEFL iBT 35
    PTE 36
    CEFR B1
    iTEP Academic 3
    CET CET-4; 425
    Duolingo - Graduate 95-100
    Duolingo - Undergraduate 85-95


    If your scores do not meet Alliant’s minimum requirements, we encourage you to explore The Duolingo EnglishTest which provides fast and accessible English language certification, available 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world. The exams feature computerized-adaptive testing, meaning the exam questions will automatically adapt to each test-takers’ ability, generating a different set of questions for every exam. Duolingo English Test scores are significantly correlated with the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), providing reliable results at a fraction of the cost ($49), while the online, at-home format increases convenience for test-takers.


  • Financial Ability

    Financial Certification Forms will be provided to you by your Admissions Counselor. The US Immigration Department requires you show proof of Financial Ability to cover one academic year of expenses before an acceptance decision can be made.  Scholarships may offset a portion of your expenses.

    Alliant reserves the right to require further certification of finances or advance payment of tuition and fees from students whose funds originate in countries where severe currency restrictions exist.


  • Ability-to-Benefit Students

    Alliant does not currently accept ability-to-benefit (ATB) students. ATB students are defined as students who do not have a certificate of graduation from a school providing secondary education, or a recognized equivalent of that certificate.


  • Health Care and Insurance

    Federal and state laws require that international students maintain adequate health insurance while attending Alliant International University. While many other countries bear the expense of health care for their residents, individuals in the United States are responsible for these expenses themselves. A single day of hospitalization can cost thousands of dollars. A good insurance policy gives you access to excellent medical facilities and provides protection against the enormous costs of health care in the U.S.

    All international students are required to obtain health insurance coverage during their tenure at Alliant.

    To fulfill this requirement, students must purchase a health insurance policy that meets all US Immigration insurance requirements for F-1 and J-1 students.  The provisions are listed below:

    1. Effective throughout the semester and renewable for continuous coverage
    2. Minimum dollar coverage of $100,000 per illness or injury

    3. Include outpatient care (doctor visits, outpatient surgery, etc.)

    4. Include hospitalization

    5. Repatriation for at least $25,000

    6. Medical evacuation for at least $50,000

    7. Cost of deductible, if any, does not exceed $500 per accident or illness

    While Alliant University does not recommend any international student health insurance company, international students have found comparable coverage with these market-offered agencies:

    Please direct any questions you may have regarding health insurance coverage to the International Student Services Office, your campus DSO or Student Advisor. (add email and phone number with international code).



General Requirements for International Applicants

  1. a

    Degree Prerequisite

    Alliant International University accepts 3-year Bachelor’s degrees as equivalent to a U.S. 4-year Bachelor’s degree when certain requirements have been met. If you would like to learn more, please contact our Admissions Counselors today.

  2. a


    Official transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended showing a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA)

    • High school students and/or students who have earned less than 24 college units must submit an official high school transcript as well as official transcripts from all colleges attended that should be considered for transfer credit.
    • Students who have earned 24 or more college units must submit an official high school graduation date, as well as official transcripts from all colleges attended that should be considered for transfer credit.
  3. a


    Completed online application (fee: $65)

  4. a


    Essay (1-2 pages):

    • Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.
    • Discuss some issue of personal, national or international concern and its importance to you.
    • Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you and describe that influence.

Frequently Asked Questions by International Students

  • Can I take all my courses online?

    An F-1 student may only enroll in one online or distance education course each academic term as a part of maintaining full time enrollment.  International Students must consult with the International Student Advisor before enrolling in any online courses.

    Alliant University is not authorized to offer distance education programs outside of the United States.


  • Do I need to obtain health insurance?

    Students on F-1 visas are not required to show evidence of health insurance, however, Alliant strongly recommends students obtain health insurance while in the U.S.

    Students attending Alliant on J-1 visas (as well as their accompanying spouses and dependents) are required to obtain health insurance coverage during their tenure at Alliant.

    Students on J-1 visas must show proof of compliant health insurance coverage at the start of each academic year (or their first term at Alliant if starting during an alternate semester or term). Without showing proof of health insurance each year, students will not be permitted to register for courses.

    • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness
    • Repatriation of remains in the amount of $25,000

    Expenses associated with the medical evacuation of the exchange visitor to his or her home country in the amount of $50,00 and a deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness


  • How do I apply for Housing?

    Alliant has multiple partnerships with local housing opportunities near the San Diego campus. Please review and contact our housing partners here

  • When is tuition due?

    Tuition is due the Friday before the first day of class of the Alliant term for which you are registered. For classes added during the published add/drop period, payment is due prior to registration. 

    Please note - Registration will be dropped for students who have not paid by the deadline and do not have an approved deferred payment plan.


  • How do I pay tuition?

    After a student is admitted, confirmed, and registered for courses they may access our online payment system CASHNet through their Alliant Portal. Once logged into CASHNet, you will select MPP “click here to make a payment”. 

    1. In a blue box labeled MPP-MY PAYMENT PLAN, click on the payment plan option you would like.
      Please note that sessions/semesters often have different numbers of options i.e. two or up to four payments, depending on the length of the session/semester.
    2. Read the terms and conditions, if you agree sign with an electronic signature and push accept.
    3. Walk through the remaining steps following the prompt buttons on the screen.


    To set up a PAYMENT ACCOUNT, you will need a check with your bank routing number and account number.

    1. Click on MY SAVED ACCOUNTS
    2. Select ADD NEW
    3. Enter the requested information and press SUBMIT.


  • What if a third party is paying all or part of my tuition?

    If you will have a third party paying for any part of your tuition and fees, please contact Student Finance at and to make payment arrangements.


  • How is my tuition and refund calculated?

    Individual tuition may vary depending on the student's enrollment. A detailed outline of Alliant International University's tuition and fees can be found by clicking here.


  • Am I eligible for financial aid?

    International students  with F-1 or J-1 status are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid from the United States Department of Education.


  • How can I make sure I maintain my F-1 or J-1 status?

    The staff of the International Student Services Office (ISSO) can advise you about F-1 or J-1 regulations and proper compliance procedures. To maintain in good standing with the Department of Homeland Security, it is important that you contact the ISSO before you make any changes which may jeopardize your status to remain within the U.S; i.e. switching your degree program, changing marital status or sponsors, transferring schools, securing employment, traveling outside the U.S., etc. 

    It is important that you schedule an appointment as situations often vary, so it is advisable that you contact the ISSO or an immigration attorney on all matters that might affect your F-1 or J-1status. Alliant’s ISSO can be emailed at


  • Am I allowed to work On-Campus?

    Yes, an F-1 student may accept employment at the institution he or she is authorized to attend without prior approval from DHS, provided the student is enrolled in a full course of study. Students should consult with the International Student Advisor for any on-campus employment questions.

    • No USCIS approval is required for on-campus employment if the F-1 student is pursuing a full course of study.
    • On-campus employment is defined as employment on the school’s premises, but it can be with an on-location commercial firm providing on-campus services for the school’s students. On-campus employment at the graduate level can also be at an off-campus location educationally affiliated with the school.
    • Employment is limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session; full-time employment is permitted during official school breaks (i.e., when school is not in session) and during the student’s annual vacation.
    • The student must be pursuing a full course of study, or, if employed during annual vacation, intend to register for the next academic term at the school.
    • Employment may begin no sooner than 30 days prior to the start of classes for new students with initial entry to a new program.
    • Transfer student employment can only occur at the school responsible for the student’s SEVIS record. However, before the release date, he/she can only work at the transfer-out school; after the release date, he/she can only work at the transfer-in school.
    • Authorization for employment is based on the end date on Form I-20 unless the student completes or terminates his/her program before that date or transfers to another school.
    • Mexican and Canadian part-time border commuter students are not permitted to work on-campus. Regular F-1 Mexican and Canadian students are eligible for on-campus employment like any other F-1 student.


  • Who should I reach out to regarding Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training? 

    Please reach out to the International Student Advisor at your specific Alliant campus.

    International Students and Scholars Office Representatives by Campus:

    Campuses International Students and Scholars Office Phone Email
    San Diego

    Lionel Remesha

    (858) 635-4564  
    Los Angeles Celia Lopez (626) 270-3311  
    San Francisco Angela Dickson (415) 955-2163  
    Sacramento Lionel Remesha (858) 635-4564  
    Fresno Lionel Remesha (858) 635-4564  
    Irvine Nicole Camaras (949) 812-7463  





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