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Education Specialist Programs

Advance your studies in school psychology or school counseling.


Education Specialist Degree

An EdS degree in school psychology or school counseling will help you better understand human development and give you new and improved ways to help students grow and learn. It can also present new career opportunities in the field of education, such as private practice, higher education teaching, supervision, administration, and specialty K–12 positions.

Deepen your knowledge of K–12 support services while growing your understanding in the application of evidence-based interventions and assessments in these advanced degree programs.


EdS Programs at Alliant

The EdS in school counseling with pupil personnel services credential program has an emphasis in school-based mental health (SBMH). It gives you the teacher leadership skills and confidence to provide education-related mental health services and evaluations in a school setting, and prepares you for the PPS credential so you can practice in California’s schools.

The EdS in school psychology with pupil personnel services credential program prepares you to provide counseling support for K–12 students who need to overcome personal and academic challenges or plan for life after high school. Courses in adolescent behavior, methodology, evaluation, and counseling prepare you to give every student a chance to prosper.

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Why Choose Alliant for Your EdS Program?

CTC-Approved Curriculum - Alliant offers the school counseling and the school psychology online EdS program. Both online education specialist programs are approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), one of the highest accreditation standards in the industry.

Faculty of experts - Throughout your online EdS program, you'll learn from experienced faculty that encourage you to reach your academic and personal goals. Study with professors and instructors from diverse backgrounds who understand the challenges you face. Prepare to apply what you learn in a school setting with potential internship opportunities for career development.

Flexible Online Educator Preparation Program - Online education specialist programs work well for part-time students when coupled with hands-on training, practicum, and experience in counseling practice. By making our educational specialist degree program flexible, we allow you to tailor your teacher education to your schedule while still getting the professional training needed to excel in various school leader positions throughout your career. 

Diverse and focused learning environment - You'll find an ethos at Alliant that is welcoming and promotes diversity. This creates an atmosphere of acceptance that allows you to learn from other perspectives and cultures, translating your academic experience into educational leadership, human growth and a better understanding of your peers.

Field-based experience - Our online Eds Degree program provides hands-on experience and the skills needed in the counseling profession. You can earn your educational specialist degree online or in-person; either way you’ll be prepared with the professional counseling skills you need to support the academic and social emotional development of K-12 students. 

Earn your EdS degree at Alliant International University.

This is a profession in which you can really change hearts and minds, and gives you the opportunity to transform systems and provide support that can increase your impact in the lives of students.


Rodrigo Enciso

This is a profession in which you can really change hearts and minds, and gives you the opportunity to transform systems and provide support that can increase your impact in the lives of students.

Rodrigo Enciso
School Psychologist and CSOE Alumnus