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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Certificate in Criminal Behavior

This program provides practical forensic education and training to professionals in law enforcement, security, first responders, and others to help recognize and respond to criminal behavior.

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Criminal Behavior Certificate Overview

The advanced practice certificate in criminal behavior program explores the dynamics and differences associated with mass, serial, pattern criminals, and sex offending with associated legal and community responses. The course uses data and science to recommend applied psychological principles to support investigation and management of criminal behavior. 

The program is designed for law enforcement, criminal justice professionals, justice organizations, and other responders interested in the criminal psychology, motivation, and behavior behind mass, spree, and serial violence. As a good supporting credential to criminology or criminal law profession, it also examines sex crimes, offenders, and the complex factors and motivations associated with offenders. It also includes fundamental concepts, theories, methodologies, assumptions and practices associated with using psychology as an investigative tool.


Program Highlights

Pathway to a Master’s

The credits from this graduate certificate coursework can be applied toward earning your master of science degree in forensic behavioral science or forensic leadership administration.

Online Courses

The graduate certificate program is offered online giving you the flexibility to complete your coursework virtually from a location of your choice.

Vital Work at a Vital Time

With law enforcement increasingly scrutinized for individual reactions to criminal behavior, this certificate program will prepare those on the front lines of the criminal justice system and criminal law to make informed choices under stress



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Degree Information

Curriculum Plan

Course 1: Mass, Serial and Pattern Criminal

Course examines perpetrators of mass, spree, and serial violence in terms of psychology, motivation, and behavior. Topics include violent crime sprees, school and workplace mass assaults, family annihilation, domestic terrorism, serial murder, serial sex offending, and stalking behavior; both on its own and in the context of deliberate lethal violence.

Course two: Sex Crimes and Offenders

Examines sex crimes, offenders, and the complex factors and motivations associated with offending. Topics include paraphilia, psychogenic motivation, rape and sexual violence, sexual predators, juvenile offenders, female offenders, sexual homicide, sex trafficking and tourism, and the roles of society, commerce and law. Also addresses systems responses to sex offending, including sexually violent predator laws, offender registries, and treatment modalities.

Course three: Investigative Psychology and Criminal Profiling

This course explores the fundamental concepts, theories, methodologies, assumptions and practices associated with using psychology as an investigative tool. The course focuses on the application of behavior analysis and crime analysis to criminal investigation, criminal profiling and behavioral evidence, geographic profiling, psychological autopsy, and equivocal death analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this course taught online or on-campus?

The certificate program is offered exclusively online. All classes and coursework can be completed virtually, allowing you flexibility with your schedule.


Are scholarships and financial aid available?

Yes, there are private and public scholarships to help you meet the cost of your education and Alliant offers institutional scholarships for many of our students. Learn more about these scholarship opportunities here. Additional financial aid is available for those who qualify in the form of loans, grants, federal work study, and military aid. Learn more in our Financial Options Guide.


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CSFS is dedicated to graduating rigorously educated and trained professionals who impact society, public opinion, and policy by applying science in preventing, investigating, and mitigating conflict and violence. CSFS is a corporate partner of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), and many of our advanced practice certificates are eligible for continuing education credit.


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