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CSPP offers two psychology certificate programs. The doctoral respecialization program (DRP) in clinical psychology is for graduate students who have already earned a doctorate in another area of psychology (or a related field) and wish to re-specialize in clinical psychology. The LGBT human services and mental health certificate is offered online, and designed to meet the need for behavioral health professionals working with LGBTQ individuals, couples, and families. 

Alliant graduate certificate programs in psychology don't just offer quality education, they are designed to provide hands-on experience through a number of different learning opportunities. Whether you’re looking to apply for an internship or study psychological disorders out in the field, our experienced faculty can help you take your career to the next level. Our faculty is composed of experts not only in clinical psychology but also in organizational psychology, forensic psychology, counseling psychology, and many more. See how mental health certificates can help you reach your goals by reviewing our certificate programs below.


Certificate in Clinical Psychology, Doctoral Respecialization


Specialize and Expand Your Impact.

This certificate is designed to develop competencies in working with lesbian, gay male, bisexual and transgender individuals, couples and families. The program focuses on multicultural competencies specific to the intersecting identities of LGBTQ clients, historical and cultural influences impacting LGBTQ clients, and best practices for assessing and addressing issues in LGBTQ mental health.


Certificate in LGBT Human Services and Mental Health


Advanced Studies in LGBT Mental Health.

This program offers a specialized curriculum, which includes both academic work and clinical training experiences, for students who have already earned a doctorate in psychology (or a closely related field) from an accredited institution and wish to re-specialize in clinical psychology, usually to become a license-eligible psychologist.


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