The CSPP Clinical Psychology PsyD program in San Francisco has launched a new Social Justice Track, designed to provide students with a specialized skill set to understand and apply concepts of power, privilege, collaboration, empowerment, and advocacy in the provision of mental health services to historically underserved and oppressed groups. A goal of the Social Justice Track is to prepare the next generation of leaders within the profession of clinical psychology. These leaders will understand systems of oppression and how those systems impede healthy development and quality of life for marginalized groups.

Through special courses, field placements, and dissertation work, students in the Social Justice Track will develop the skills and knowledge to intervene in ways that emphasize change and advocacy at a systemic level and that emphasize consciousness–raising and help clients and communities understand the extent that their difficulties are rooted in larger historical, social and political contexts. Students will gain a sophisticated understanding of how diversity issues and personal and cultural values must be considered in research, supervision and management. They will be able to look clearly at themselves and at the communities they serve at the assumptions, values, goals and commitments at work, and will be able to share power, collaborate, and build and empower communities through their work.