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Dr. Tatiana Glebova
Professional Interests
  • Family therapy process and outcome research
  • Observational research
  • Contextual therapy
  • Families with adolescents
  • Adolescent risky behaviors including substance abuse
  • Cultural issues.
Education and Certifications
  • Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • B.Ed., Teacher of Physics and Astronomy
  • M.A. (Equivalent), Child and Family Counseling



  • School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary - Dilworth International Graduate Fellowship Award
  • *CAPS Graduate Student Paper Winner - "Integration of Understanding of Psychopathology in the Russian Context"
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - In Recognition of 175 hours of hospital volunteer service in support of patient care at the National Institutes of Health
  • Theory & Techniques II
  • Diversity & the Family
  • MFT Research Methods
Scholarship and Contributions to the Field
  • Glebova, T., Lal, A., Girard, A., & Van Ligten, J. (2022). "Burnout in MFT trainees: Impact of demands and resources." Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 48, 908-9266.
  • Glebova, T., Kravtsova, N., & Bolotina, N. (2021). "Intimate Partner Violence in Russia." In Stith, Sandra, & Spencer, Chelsea M. (Eds.) International Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence: Challenges and Opportunities. AFTA SpringerBriefs in Family Therapy. Doi 10.1007/978-3-030-74808-1
  • Glebova, T., & Gangamma, R., (2018). ‚"Family Loyalty‚" in J. L. Lebow et al. (eds.), Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy, 
  • Glebova, T., Foster, S., Cunningham, P. B., Brennan, P., & Whitmore, E. (2018) ‚"'Therapists‚' and Clients‚ Perceptions of Bonding as Predictors of Outcome in Multisystemic Therapy." Family Process, Vol. 57(4), 867-883.  doi: 0.1111/famp.12333  
  • Wilson, K.L., Glebova, T., Davis, S., & Seshadri, G. (2017).  "Adolescent mothers in foster care: Relational ethics, depressive symptoms and health problems through a contextual therapy lens." Contemporary Family Therapy, 39, 150. doi: 10.1007/s10591-017-9417-y
  • Glebova, T., & Woolley, S. R. (2016). "Split Alliance in Couple and Family Therapy" in Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy, Jay Lebow et al. (Eds).Springer. 
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