Empower Clients Through Multicultural Competence

The Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling degree program helps students develop a multicultural competence and strong foundation in social justice advocacy to empower the clients and communities they will serve.

Students in the Clinical Counseling Master’s program are able to break down the walls of race, gender and age to build a community between themselves. Many students speak of not only the education they receive through this program but also the relationships they build with their peers. Being able to look past different cultures and views in the classroom helps students to be able to venture into outside communities and serve as effective licensed professional clinical counselors. This process gives students the confidence they need to reach out to those communities of need that they may have not been able to reach before.

Summer Immersion Program in Mexico City

There is an urgent demand for licensed professional counselors who are bilingual and prepared to work in a multicultural environment. As a result, students have recognized the investment that studying internationally has on their future. At the California School of Professional Psychology, Clinical Counseling students have the opportunity to develop their Spanish language and multicultural skills through the CSPP’s five-week Spanish Language, Class and Cultural Immersion Program at Alliant International University’s Mexico City campus. This language immersion program prepares graduates to be bilingual professionals who are able to demonstrate a skill set that in turn makes them more competitive in their field. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the program during the summer between Year 1 and Year 2.

Graduate Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy

Students can also opt to take courses towards the Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy to help develop their multicultural skills. This counseling certificate program focuses on assisting clinicians to develop general multicultural and international competencies, an increased understanding of the historical and cultural influences impacting Latin American clients, and the ability to identify best practice procedures for assessing and addressing issues in Latin American mental health. Courses in this program will count toward the required Clinical Counseling courses.