Psychology Degree Programs Offered at CSPP
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A psychology school is only as good as the psychologists it trains. Founded in 1969, the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) has educated over 16,000 psychology graduates as one of the nation’s first free-standing schools of professional psychology.

Today, CSPP continues its commitment to preparing the next generation of mental health professionals and advocates. Our dedication to ensuring every community’s access to quality mental health care extends from integrated care to inclusive family therapy, and our students and alumni begin making an impact in the communities they serve from the moment they set foot in our classrooms.

The CSPP is a psychology school that understands the need for flexibility with today’s student. This is why we offer fully online programs, as well as hybrid programs that blend online and campus-based learning.

Explore the degree programs the California Professional School of Professional Psychology offers to find out how you can make your impact.

CSPP’s Bachelor’s in Psychology Program balances the fundamentals of psychological philosophy with the hands-on scientific principles you will need to build expertise in this vital field, known as one of the principle helping professions.

Providing clinical therapy to diverse populations, researching groundbreaking topics, or teaching psychology theory and methodology are just a glimpse of the career opportunities awaiting you after earning your degree in psychology from CSPP. CSPP’s APA-accredited Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs emphasize the real-world applications of psychological theory and research.

Learn more about each of the following campus’ PhD and PsyD degrees and their specialized areas of emphasis offered:

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There is no shortage of couples and families who require the support of a licensed marriage and family therapist. Receive professional, COAMFTE-accredited marriage and family training in both the classroom and in the field to help make lasting change in lives of these individuals, couples, and families.

Explore Alliant’s Marriage and Family Therapy programs by campus below:

The workplace is rapidly evolving and the lines between personal and professional persona is increasingly blurred — it has become clear that that the success of the individual is inextricably tied to the success of the company or organization. And, the idea of a healthy work-life balance is becoming more mainstream. Driving the demand for experts in organizational psychology ever higher. Our students receive specialized knowledge in the science of behavior in the workplace, which is ideal for those seeking to work in human resources, management, team development, diversity training, and consulting.

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Hands-on training is the cornerstone of this program, and it begins on day one. Within your first year, you will begin to develop your skills in diagnosis, treatment plans, and psychological interventions, not just from your coursework but from your training with clients in clinical settings. Upon completion, you will be armed with 700 hours of real-world experience, preparing you to pursue LPCC licensure and continue to work with clients.

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The nation’s first postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology is now offered fully online.This program prepares licensed psychologists to prescribe medication in jurisdictions where they have prescriptive authority. For those practicing in states without such authority, the psychopharmacology degree prepares graduates to educate clients about certain medications, collaborate with clients’ primary care physicians, and gain expertise in psychiatric medications.

Have you earned a doctorate in psychology but are looking to redirect your education toward clinical psychology? This respecialization program develops a uniquely-tailored practicum based on your previously completed academic work and professional experience to ensure all requirements are met to become a license-eligible psychologist.

There’s a reason “International” is our middle name. Alliant offers a graduate -level psychology degree program in Tokyo. The program integrates Western and Asian psychological research, theory, and application to the clinical treatment of individuals, couples, and families applicable within the region and abroad.

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If you have a question about any of CSPP’s degrees in psychology, contact a CSPP admissions counselor.