Profile Image of Tiffany O?Shaughnessy - PhD

Dr. O'Shaughnessy, an Assistant Professor of CSPP Clinical Counseling

Dr. Tiffany O'Shaughnessy Works to Improve Counseling Services for the LGBTQ Community.



Wanyu Chang, PsyD CSPP t Clinical Psychology PhD Student

All three of the 2013 LACPA Convention Poster Award Winners are from the CSPP Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs in Los Angeles. 



Jennifer Konkin

The Leadership Study: Interesting, understandable and practical research from San Diego Organizational Psychology graduate Dr. Jennifer Konkin.




Profile Image of Tara Smallidge

The Industrial and Organizational PhD program at CSPP provided me with the foundation to build a successful and fulfilling career in the United States military.



Jei Africa, 2003 CSPP Graduate

CSPP Graduate, Dr. Jei Africa

Dr. Africa supports CSPP student research in Filipino American Studies with the Jei Africa Dissertation Award.


Programs & Degrees at CSPP

The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University has been recognized nationally and internationally for its superior commitment to training multiculturally competent mental health professionals.

CSPP offers APA-accredited doctoral programs (PsyD and PhD) in Clinical Psychology, COAMFTE-accredited master’s and doctoral programs in Marital and Family Therapy, master’s and doctoral programs in Organizational Psychology, master’s programs in Clinical Counseling and International Counseling Psychology, a post-doctoral master’s program in Clinical Psychopharmacology, and international programs in Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. CSPP also oversees the Department of Undergraduate Psychology at Alliant International University.

For more detailed information about individual CSPP degree programs, please click the links in the chart below, where you will find comprehensive information about the CSPP program at each location, including courses, faculty, areas of specialization and accreditation.

Although they differ from location to location, many elements of CSPP's programs are shared by all programs. For instance, all programs integrate coursework and practical experience. All of the CSPP programs offer an exciting selection of electives taught by experts and all are designed to develop multicultural competencies in the behavioral science professions.

Most programs can be taken full-time or part-time during the day. Evening and some weekend classes are also offered at most campuses for most programs.


Clinical Psychology Programs

Clinical Psychology PhD Programs:

Clinical Psychology PsyD Programs:

Doctoral Respecialization in Clinical Psychology

Couple and Family Therapy Programs

Organizational Psychology Programs

Clinical Counseling MA Program - San Francisco

International Counseling Psychology MA Program- Mexico City

Clinical Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral MS Program

International Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs