Supervisory Psychologist / Training Director – National Center for Organization Development (NCOD) – Cincinnati, Ohio

Supervisory Psychologist / Training Director – National Center for Organization Development (NCOD) – Cincinnati, Ohio

Supervisory Psychologist / Training Director – National Center for Organization Development (NCOD)

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Cincinnati, Ohio

You are invited to apply for the position of Training Director and Supervising Psychologist at the VHA’s NCOD in Cincinnati, Ohio.  You’ll lead training and implementation of complex initiatives in organization development (OD) and performance while directly supervising and training over 20 OD professionals, fellows, and students.

What will you do?

  1. Design, administer, and analyze measures of organizational performance of workgroups at the facility, VISN (regional network) and national VA levels. Direct and oversee identified intervention strategies at the workgroup, facility, VISN and central office (VACO) level. Directly supervise 9 GS-12 post-doctoral fellows (each over a 2 year period), 4 GS-9 practicum psychology students, provide clinical supervisory input for 8 psychologists at the GS-13 and GS-14 level; report to the Deputy Director, NCOD.
  2. Be authoritative source and principal advisor in the area of OD. Specific areas include competency modeling and assessment, OD and cultural transformation, report and statistical interpretation, communications strategy and planning, instructional systems design and implementation, and training and development.
  3. Partner with executive management at the facility, network, and national level to accelerate strategy implementation and change to build leadership talent, enhance organizational performance, and serve as an assistant in accelerating learning across the organization.
  4. Have expertise in consulting to key officials who are effecting organizational change, dealing with resistance to change and implementing cultural change.
  5. Direct the continuous assessment services to VHA facilities, including implementation of individual development plans. Coordinate the provision of assessment to the Executive Career Field national leadership development program.
  6. Direct/offer process consultation to executive leadership groups and work groups, oversee conflict resolution consultation, and triage unusual incidents or emergencies within facilities or networks.
  7. Establish and maintain an active communication network among OD Extenders in the networks, ensuring a regular schedule of conference calls and other communications.  Builds a strong cadre of OD Extenders within the organization.
  8. Develop a national five-year plan, in collaboration with other NCOD management staff, for the implementation of OD activities across VHA and VA including measures to assess OD implementation, integration, and effectiveness.
  9. Identify education needs, models, and resources related to OD, particularly “best practices” that may have application nationwide. Guide education of OD providers.  Design weekly didactic sessions for NCOD provider staff to enrich theoretical knowledge and application to field projects.
  10. Lead national marketing, recruitment, and selection activities focused on the identification of potential NCOD post-doctoral fellows.
  11. Coordinate OD initiatives with VA HRA, VHA Workforce Services, and other key Program Offices in VA.
  12. Offer expert guidance to the National Continuous Assessment Program and to VHA’s Executive Development programs, including developing assessment tools for employee and leadership development, measuring the impact on performance and competency, and early identification of managerial potential.
  13. Participate in development and documentation of long and short-range planning efforts for national, VISN and facility level initiatives. Plan and/or support committees, boards, symposia, or conferences local, regionally, and nationally. Develop broad themes and direct proceedings of high-level conferences and quorums where work and decisions have a major impact on the operation and success on VHA.
  14. Research and/or analyze problems, issues, or program requirements. Provide expert analysis and advice on agency-wide programs. Act as an expert on special projects, advising top management on major office issues. Lead, conduct, or participate in complex management studies and reviews, particularly those with wide or significant effect upon organizational structure, policy, or process.
  15. Serve as member of various committees as designated by the Director, NCOD. When directed, serve as Acting Director, NCOD, with full authority to carry out the duties of that position.

You will have a major and significant impact on the overall functioning of all VHA organizational units, including facilities, networks, and VACO, particularly upon VHA senior management.  Duties are performed with wide latitude, exercising independent judgment and full, delegated autonomy.

To be successful, you should have:

  1. Skill in managing and directing the work of large, complex organizational units and in applying effective management practices.
  2. Skill in persuasion, negotiation, and motivation to negotiate multiple program policies.
  3. Skill in interpersonal relationships in dealing with employees and other managers using advanced consultation and problem solving skills.
  4. Skill in the application and analysis of measurement tools to systems issues.
  5. Ability to balance responsibilities in a complex environment and to work with great autonomy; ability to set priorities and delegate tasks, meet multiple deadlines, analyze complex organizational problems; and ability to develop and implement effective solutions for those problems.
  6. Ability to assess need for basic and complex services across multiple programmatic contexts.
  7. Ability to coordinate the efforts of multiple program elements across a complex system.

Other enriching elements include:

  1. Makes complex presentations at national, VISN, facility and professional meetings.
  2. Participates in appropriate professional organizations (e.g., American Psychological Association, Society of Psychologists in Management, Society of Consulting Psychologists).
  3. Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Director, NCOD.
  4. Contact on a regular and recurring basis with individuals representing widely divergent backgrounds, interests, and points of view.
  5. May maintain a formal, though modest, clinical or academic involvement with the host medical center.

If you possess the skills and desire to make a big difference in an organization that directly impacts the quality of life for our veterans, Email your resume/CV to Don Rainwater, National Executive Recruitment Consultant at  Your inquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.