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6 Benefits of an MBA Degree for Students & Professionals

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Published on: 03/14/2024
Last Updated: 03/14/2024
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C-suite executives, investment bankers, and fund managers may have wildly different responsibilities. Still, many top professionals in these positions share a common trait: a Master of Business Administration (MBA).1

Widely considered “the” degree in the field of business, an MBA degree can be seen as the golden ticket to breaking through in the business world.

However, earning an MBA degree is no small feat. Many prospective students wonder, “How hard is it to get an MBA?” as they consider the admission criteria and coursework of top programs. Therefore, questioning the benefits of an MBA should be a part of every prospective student’s due diligence. Here are the advantages of the degree and why an MBA might be ideal for realizing your academic and professional aspirations.

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#1 Enhanced Career Opportunities

Possessing a bachelor’s degree is standard in today’s job market, with recent data indicating that more than half of US adults—or 54%—have a bachelor’s degree or other credentials.2 An MBA can immediately—and profoundly—help set applicants apart. One of the most compelling answers to the question, “What can you do with an MBA?” is the vast array of career paths it can open up, from executive roles to entrepreneurial ventures. Generally, it demonstrates that you’re dedicated to your profession and have honed the hard and soft skills essential to leadership and management.3 An MBA may be the gateway to a host of roles across a variety of industries, such as:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Chief of Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Will these top-tier roles be viable right out of business school? Not necessarily. But it will put you in a position to pursue these goals—and potentially accelerate your professional pathway.4

#2 Entrepreneurial Ventures

If you’re an entrepreneur who dreams of starting your own business, one of the biggest benefits of an MBA may be the degree’s ability to equip you with the education and training you need to launch a company from the ground up—and see it thrive.

How? The core curriculum in many MBA programs provides an MBA candidate with the knowledge that is directly related to starting a business and managing the obligations that are key to its ongoing success, including:5

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Business ethics
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational behavior

Moreover, an MBA urges students to flex and refine their creative thinking skills. And in the world of entrepreneurship, innovation is imperative.

#3 Networking and Professional Connections

A powerful professional network is one of the greatest assets in today’s hyper-competitive market. A chance encounter with a former classmate in business school, a guest speaker you meet in your MBA program, or a strong relationship with your MBA mentor might be just the “in” you need to learn of new opportunities or receive recommendations.6

It’s not just the people that might benefit you immediately after completing your degree and throughout your career; it’s also the interpersonal networking skills an MBA can help you unearth, strengthen, and polish. These may include:

  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Negotiation
  • Active listening
  • Emotional intelligence

Another huge advantage of obtaining an MBA? It enables you to nourish old friendships and make new connections through an alumni network.

Explore Our MBA Programs

#4 Skill Development and Versatility 

The breadth and depth of skills you’ll acquire in an MBA program is one of the most alluring aspects of the degree. An MBA can teach you leadership, management, financial literacy, and business fundamentals, and this knowledge can be applied across a wide variety of industries, including: 7,8

  • Finance
  • Tech
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Law
  • Higher Education

The versatility of the degree, and the transferable skills it helps candidates develop, may translate to a dynamic career (one that isn’t restricted to a specific sector for the entirety of your working years).

#5 Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making

Effective leaders and managers are adept at analytical thinking and making smart, savvy decisions that benefit an organization. MBA programs typically allow students to examine issues, risks, and opportunities with a critical eye, and approach them from an informed, balanced position.9

Part of this is accomplished through internships, client projects, and supervised training. Alliant International University requires MBA candidates to participate in Curricular Practical Training (CPT), enabling students to employ what they’ve learned in real-life scenarios, thereby solidifying their leadership skills.

#6 Personal Growth and Confidence

If you name the prominent attributes seen in our world’s most admired business leaders, chances are high that “confidence” tops your list.

This is crucial in business, particularly in roles in which employee engagement and performance hinges on how gracefully and assertively you manage people, problems, and prospects.

Confidence is often found in the personal growth derived from an MBA program. Through a rigorous academic curriculum and hands-on training, you’ll develop a handful of vital skills and knowledge, including (but certainly not limited to):10

  • Time management
  • Discipline
  • Decisiveness
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Smart stress-coping strategies
  • Global and high-level perspectives
  • Technical acumen (such as in forecasting and data analytics)

These qualities are nothing to be modest about. They’re a challenge to master; moreover, they can see you through even the most strenuous situations and often endure for a lifetime.

Experience the Advantages of an MBA at Alliant International University

If you’ve found yourself Googling “benefits of MBA degree,” you might be in the perfect place to take your interest to the next level by exploring leading programs in greater depth.

Alliant International University is a great place to start. The MBA program in San Diego, a stunning and exhilarating city, pairs passionate learners like you with equally passionate instructors who will provide you with a comprehensive education that can enable success in various settings.

Request more information about our business programs today to uplevel your career and enjoy the perks that go hand-in-hand with earning the business world’s most esteemed degree.


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