Comings and Goings – October

Comings and Goings – October

Parvin Alavi, who has been with Alliant since January 2004, resigned from her position as assistant controller effective October 25, 2012. She will assume a new position as controller at the Manpower group.

Jeanne Cherbeneau, director of field placement for organizational psychology programs, will have her last day at Alliant on October 31, 2012.

CSPP has hired two new admissions and recruitment coordinators. Jessica Prall is the new staff person in San Francisco and Bridget Cler is in San Diego.

Many staff changes have taken place in the Finance and Accounting departments, now fully based in San Francisco:

  • Rachel Babu joined Alliant as a senior accountant, focused on grants, contracts and gifts. She has over ten years of experience with higher education and non-profits. Babu will assist with preparing fiscal operation reports and applications to participate for all financial aid grants (FISAP), review transactions on grant and contract functions, prepare monthly analysis reports to show total budget of grants and actual expenditures, monitor Perkins loan activities, prepare invoices for all the various grants and contracts fund sources, reconciling federal draw downs and receipts and institutional cost sharing matching. She can be reached at or 415-955-2023.
  • John Keith-Berkley is the new interim controller. He is responsible for overall team management and financial reporting. He can be reached at or 415-955-2021.
  • Van Luu joined Alliant as a staff accountant. She has over six years of experience within non-profits as well as higher education. Luu can help with Tri-EFT reconciliations and confirmations in response to requests for payments and fund transfers, preparing SOL – Sport Center and EF billings, AR reconciliations, late payment collections and cost allocations, preparing Flexible Spending Account (FSA) reconciliations, all bank reconciliations, except for Alliant’s operational and payroll accounts, all Alliant Mexico and Londres accounts, including wire transfers, adjusting journal entries and promissory notes. She can be contacted at or 415-955-2031.
  • Teresa Naguit joined Alliant as a senior accountant. She has worked in non-profits for over five years as well as non-profit auditing with a CPA firm. Naguit can assist with daily cash management, UBOC Inter fund transfers, incoming and outgoing bank wire transfers, preparation and filing of tax returns and payments, quarterly sales and use tax, environment return, college and lessor exemption claims, business property tax returns for all locations, posting payroll tax payments, fixed assets GL maintenance, depreciation and reconciliation, analysis, posting and reconciliation of Japan and Hong Kong monthly transactions, posting and reconciliation of SFLS investment accounts, approval of grants, donations disbursements, tuition allocation and deferrals, and updates of facilities rental reports and payments. She can be reached at or 415-955-2025.
  • Murry Richard joined Alliant as a staff accountant. She has worked in non-profits for over eight years. Richard will assist with preparing reconciliation of the operational and payroll bank accounts, setting up new vendors, reporting unclaimed properties to the state and reconciliation of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. She can be reached at or 415-955-2022