Preliminary Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Disabilities Teaching

As a Special Education teacher, you can help students who are too often pushed to the sideline feel like they matter the most. Through our Preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential program, you will become their greatest ally in their educational journey, and show them that there are no limits to what they can accomplish.

Alliant International University’s California School of Education offers the Preliminary Special Education Credential for a particularly vulnerable group: those with mild-to-moderate disabilities and their families. The children and parents who too often feel as if they have no one advocating for them.

Approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC), our program takes you through coursework in curriculum and instruction styles—including teaching the English language and diverse student groups—you will learn how to teach students, regardless of their circumstance. Classes in positive behavior support, as well as assessment and evaluation, explain how to help a student feel truly valued.

Becoming a special education teacher may not be for everyone. For those who have what it takes to be our children’s greatest advocate and daily inspiration a Special Education Teaching Credential can empower you in the classroom.

Heed the Call

Here, you will learn to shake off preconceived ideas and expand your comfort zone. You will learn to open your mind to new theories in order to engage and support all of your future students in their education. Most importantly, we will help you heed the call to serve our children and arm you will be armed with the tools you need to become an agent of change, inspiration, and advocacy. In your students’ world, and in your own.

Here, you will triumph over challenges and hone the skills to:

•Make subject matter understandable to every student
•Assess student progress and help adapt behavior
•Plan and design diverse learning experiences
•Create and maintain effective environments for education

Your Path to the Classroom

No matter who we are, we all learn a little differently. That’s why Alliant has created two routes to success in the Preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential program. Making the most of our partnerships with schools around the area, we’ll support you in networking and finding the ideal placement for your future goals.


During this track, you complete a 16-week, unpaid student teaching placement in at least two grade levels under the guidance of an experienced teacher. This path is optimal for studying teaching methods and preparing you for classroom application before you even start your career as a full-time teacher-of-record.


Can’t go the unpaid route? No worries. The Intern Teaching Option lets you pursue your teaching certification while earning an income. You could be a paid teacher-of-record for up to three terms, meaning you assume immediate and full teaching responsibility and management of the classroom. This option works best for those coming into the program with previous classroom experience.

The Master Plan

Often times it’s the small leaps that lead to the most growth. Take the leap by dually enrolling in our online Master of Arts in Education with Teaching Emphasis program. How it Works: As a student in the Preliminary Special Education Credential program, it only takes two more courses to earn your MAE in Teaching. That’s because your Special Education coursework can be applied to your master’s. Even better, the MAE courses are all online. Why it Works: A master’s degree helps you develop expertise in teaching and theory that you can apply in the classroom. Plus, you can create new pathways of opportunity in your career.

Ready to Begin a Life-Changing Career as an Education Specialist?

If you want to explore what it takes to earn a special education teaching credential online, how to become a special education teacher, or how to take the next step to become a special education teacher, contact an Alliant admissions counselor today or call 1-866-825-5426.