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Teaching Certificate

Expand your reach while expanding your career opportunities with our certificate programs.


Our teaching certification programs, offered by the California School of Education (CSOE), are curated to help you build a meaningful career in one of society’s most vital professions. Explore how you can make an impact—one student at a time.


Teaching Certificate

Arizona Teacher Certification Programs



Arizona Elementary Teacher Certification

Preliminary Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential Program Leading to an Alternative Teaching Certification in Elementary Education Recommendation in Arizona.


Arizona Secondary Teacher Certification

Preliminary Single-Subject Teaching Credential Program Leading to an Alternative Teaching Certification in Secondary Education Recommendation in Arizona.


California Teaching Certificate


Teaching Certificate Programs

Certificate in California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL), Leading to CLAD Certificate

Online, On Your Time

Alliant’s CTC-approved CLAD certification program is offered fully online. All classes and coursework can be completed virtually and in an asynchronous format—on your time, allowing you to tailor your education to your schedule.

A Balance of Scholarship and Practice

From learning to doing. From theory to application. Take the online into the real world by getting out into the field and immersing yourself. What you learn from your time in the field will not only enrich your approach to education as a student, but is prime material to use in your professional portfolio.

Arizona Teacher Preparation Programs

Alliant offers two Arizona School Board of Education (ASBE)-approved teacher preparation programs programs that allow you to teach elementary, middle, or high school students within the state of Arizona.

Online Courses Paired with Hands-on Training

The coursework for these programs is offered online with an extensive hands-on training component. As part of this program, you will fulfill a teaching internship while paired up with a field supervisor—an experienced teacher who will provide mentorship through assessments and guidance through individualized coaching sessions.

Learn and Earn

Our Arizona teaching certificate programs offer all of the benefits of online coursework while you get the experience—and income—of teaching experience as you complete the program. This means that you will be guided you while learn, teach, and earn an income.

Start Anytime, Finish in One Year

Classes start every 8 weeks and the programs are designed with a time to completion of 12 months for your certification, and a total of 16.5 months for your certification and concurrent master’s degree—opening a whole new world of teaching opportunities.


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