Meet Rahimeh Andalibian, 1999 CSPP Graduate

Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian is an author, producer, and licensed clinical psychologist who received her Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology degree from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in Los Angeles in 1999.

“My education at CSPP was tremendous. The academic work was significant, however, the personal relationships I built with my mentors, such as Dr. Caffaro and Dr. Regas (to name just a few), have been life changing. The personal development that I experienced during those years at CSPP not only changed who I was, but also affected how I related with my family, and, ultimately, how I impacted the world,” said Dr. Andalibian.

Since receiving her doctorate, she has worked as a clinical psychologist in Laguna Beach and New York City, conducting intergenerational therapy sessions with individuals, children, couples, and families. She strives to support others in understanding their suffering, learning to rest in their well-being in the midst of life’s storms, and living with the clarity to create positive change in themselves and the world.

Dr. Andalibian has been a speaker and workshop leader for various California-based and national organizations.  In 2008, she embarked on the biggest journey of her life: the writing of her true-life novel, The Rose Hotel.  Observing the tremendous impact the writing of the book had on her family, she decided to incorporate storytelling in her work as a psychologist and has begun producing play performances. Her first play is Glass Houses, which takes real-life individual stories and weaves them together to create a collective emotional journey and context that, while honoring the individuality of the people interviewed, give voice to our common struggles.

Dr. Andalibian is now using her interview-based plays in her work as a psychologist and speaker to increase meaningful dialogue and to inspire others to uncover hidden wounds, identify intergenerational patterns, and break through secrecy, shame, and guilt.  Her hope is that this work will empower individuals and families to release themselves from the bondage of their old jointly-created stories and entrenched patterns in order to live more fulfilled lives.

Her mission is to enlist agents of change to transform themselves and their families, thereby contributing to the world to bring about healing and peace.

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