Mexico City Immersion Program

Saludos! The International Counseling Psychology program at Alliant International University’s Mexico City campus invites you to come to Mexico this summer! Join us to engage and dialogue, and to be a part of an experience aimed at transforming how we approach clinical work in our interconnected world.

The Summer Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion program is designed and implemented on the foundation of five educational pillars:

  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Liberation Psychology
  • Self of the Therapist Focus
  • Pointillism Approach to Culture
  • Spanish Language Training for Mental Health Workers

Prepare now to be part of this life impacting educational experience! It is a great opportunity to meet faculty and future colleagues (from multiple campuses and universities) who share your passion about social-justice oriented mental health approaches from an international perspective! Here is a small sample of what this year’s program will include:

  • The option to earn a Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy.
  • Spanish training for mental health workers.
  • Learn Latin American originating approaches to mental health from leading Latino and International experts.
  • Two within country trips to different regions in Mexico.
  • Exposure to indigenous healing practices and the opportunity to participate in a Temezcal.
  • Clinical theories and ideas for serving impoverished and oppressed communities.
  • Increased awareness of how U.S. culture shapes mental health approaches and opportunities to gain international clinical competencies.

Academic Courses

A number of academic courses will also be offered, three of which will help you meet the requirements for the Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy. We will have outstanding faculty joining us this summer who draw on ideas from Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy and you have the experience of being co-creators of knowledge with them! The classes offered for Summer 2016 are:

  • PSY 6643 Critical Issues in Latin America (3 units)*
  • PSY 6317 Parent-Child Therapy (3 units)
  • PSY 6303 Group Therapy (3 units)
  • PSY 6311 Introduction to Psychopathology (3 units)
  • PSY 6654 Latin American & Liberation Psychology*
  • PSY 7312 Sex Therapy (2 units)

*Required for those interested in earning the Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy

Application Requirements

  1. Applicants must be currently enrolled and in good standing in (a) An undergraduate psychology program; (b) A graduate mental health training program; or (c) have graduated from an accredited mental health training program.
  2. Applicants must submit a 1-2 page essay describing their reasons for being interested in being part of an immersion program focused preparing clinicians to work with Latino communities. Essays should be sent via email to Ms. Vania Quiroz and Dr. Jason Platt.
  3. Applicants need to arrange for a brief phone interview with Dr. Jason Platt.

Program Fee: $3,500

+ Air travel to/from Mexico City (arranged by participant)
+ Tuition for any of the courses taken during the program

Includes housing, Spanish coursework and materials, the majority of breakfasts and suppers for the first four weeks and some meals during the travel week, lectures, entrance fees to program activities, and two travel to other regions in Mexico.

Typically financial aid is available. Please meet with your local campus financial aid office to make arrangements.

There is a $500 discount for those who complete the application process and enroll in the program early.

Next Steps

1. Email Dr. Jason Platt and confirm that you are interested in participating in this year’s immersion program.

2. Please arrange a time for an interview with Dr. Platt.

3. Secure your spot for the 2016 program by submitting a non-refundable deposit of $250 by December 1, 2015 for the discounted rate or by March 15, 2016 for the standard rate. Please make the check payable to Alliant International University and put “Mexico Summer Immersion Program” in the memo section and mail it to the address below:

Alliant International University
10455 Pomerado Road, M-17
San Diego, CA 92131-1799

4. Apply for a passport if you do not already have one. For more information, please consult the State Department website at:

5. Consult with your home campus program director about the possibility of attending the program and to confirm whether academic courses can be used to meet  existing program requirements in your home program.

6. If you wish to earn the Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy, please contact the admissions office to request an application

7. Contact your local financial aid office to learn about financial aid options for this program.

8. Check out what publications like APA’s Gradpsych and the CAMFT’s The Therapist have to say about this program and how it can benefit your career:

9. Buy a journal and your plane ticket!

For any additional questions, please contact the program director:

Jason Platt, PhD
Program Director
Counseling Psychology Program
Alliant International University-Mexico City Campus

Take care, and we look forward to having you visit beautiful Mexico soon!