SIOP 2015 Conference in Philadelphia

SIOP 2015 Conference in Philadelphia

The 30th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Conference: April 23-25, 2015

The Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Conference was well represented by CSPP and Alliant this year!

Our reception at SIOP conference in Philadelphia went really well. We had a number of alumni, faculty, students, friends and colleagues who came to our reception and had a great time. Our alumni indicated how much they appreciate seeing faculty and students, and connecting with each other at this annual event.

SIOP will be in Anaheim next year. Students and faculty are encouraged to start planning to submit a paper for the upcoming conference (the submission deadline is usually around August-September). We expect that we will have a more crowded event next year due to its location. We will continue to represent CSPP/Alliant at the largest conference of IO Psychology. Below is a picture of some of the students, faculty, and alumni who attended the reception. 

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2015 CSPP/Alliant Presenters: Congratulations to all presenters and award recipients! 

Dr. Rodney Lowman, Distinguished Professor (CSPP-SD) will be speaking about Environmental Sustainability: Taking the Lead on Research and Practice. He will also be attending the SIOP Board Meeting.

Dr. Sarah Johnson, (CSPP-SD Alumna ’01) will be speaking about Effective socialization of new hires in the Federal Government.

Victoria Hendrickson, (CSPP Org Psych Ph.D. Student) will be presenting on Beyond Mining: Harnessing the Power of Text Data and Finding Needles in Haystacks: Being Smarter about Survey Comments

Alicia Allegrini, (CSPP-SD ’05 Alumna) will be presenting on Multiple Stakeholders and the Gap between Research and Practice.

Dr. Cal Hoffman, (CSPP-LA Faculty) will be presenting on Synthetic Validity: Further Evidence of its Accuracy and Application.

Dr. Scott Boyd, (CSPP- LA ’06 Alumnus) will be presenting two panel discussion (1) developing business competency as an early career practitioner, and (2) the impact of technology trends on I/O practice.