What is your highest calling? To lead the next generation into a new global arena of business? Offer unique expertise to prop up struggling companies? Be the most dynamic in your field?

A Doctorate in Business Administration from Alliant’s California School of Management and Leadership gives you the expertise and experience in the predominant realms of business to answer that call.

From advanced statistics to cross-cultural management, to in-depth, collaborative research courses, the DBA program in San Diego defines interdisciplinary approaches.

Our DBA courses offer a focused, rigorous program with a business and management emphasis, and students will engage in extensive self-learning and collaborative learning opportunities like those found in our Research Labs. Candidates for the Doctor of Business Administration will also take a comprehensive examination and complete a dissertation under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Graduates of the California DBA degree program are prepared to excel in advanced positions of management and consulting in corporations, non-profits and other organizations, or for entry into academia and research.

Here at Alliant, we are proud to help heed the call of tomorrow’s business pioneers.

DBA Program Summary

Alliant’s Doctor of Business Administration is designed to prepare innovative 21st century leaders to advance knowledge, research and best practices in business and enterprise, all in a convenient and flexible degree program.

  • Degree Requirements: 60 Units
  • Program Length: The Doctor of Business Administration is a four-year program; students have a maximum of eight years to complete.
  • Program Location: On-ground program in San Diego
  • Compatible with full-time employment. Our executive DBA program offers flexible weekend classes that make it easy for working adults to pursue their degree while working full-time.

Expertise Starts with Experience

The demands a student faces at any point in their educational career are great. This is especially true for students in our DBA program. So we created a unique aspect to our four-year degree program to not only alleviate some stress but also help our students formulate strong, viable dissertations.

Most doctoral business degrees work in the same way: two years of coursework, two years of dissertation research. At Alliant, you start working on your dissertation in the very first year, right alongside program courses in statistics, survey methods, and cross-cultural issues. This way, you have more time to consider topics and — most importantly — your education can shape your final dissertation in direct, impactful ways.

But you won’t be doing this alone.

Alliant keeps the doctoral classroom size small because your dissertation is a big deal. One that benefits immensely from the personal attention of your professor. Because your professors, counselors, and support team want nothing more than to see you move forward – in your profession and in your life.

Get Started Today!

The Doctorate of Business Administration Degree allows students to lead in advanced areas of management, consulting, and administration, or create the next big trend through research and teaching. For more information or to get started with our California DBA degree program, contact an admissions counselor today at 1-866-825-5426.