Fast-Track Master’s Programs

Thinking about continuing your education through a Master’s program? Alliant makes it easy. One of the goals of Alliant’s undergraduate degree programs is to prepare students for graduate-level study. For those students, Alliant offers Fast-Track. A unique opportunity for Alliant undergrads only, Fast-Track allows you to accelerate your learning, earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s in less time – and save money in the process.

What is Fast-Track?

Fast-Track is an offering of accelerated graduate degree programs available to our undergraduate students. In their senior year, students who meet the GPA requirements are given the opportunity to enroll in a Master’s program aligned with their Bachelor’s degree. Fast-Track Master’s degrees include:


How Fast-Track Works

Students in a Fast-Track program spend part of their senior year taking “bridge courses” – graduate-level courses that count toward the completion of both the undergraduate degree and the Master’s degree. Following their senior year, students will continue their studies through the corresponding professional school at Alliant.

Not only can you earn your Master’s degree in less time, but because bridge courses are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate, you can also earn it for a lower cost.

Fast-Track offerings vary by undergraduate program. For more information on which Master’s programs pair up with which Bachelor’s degree programs, we invite you to explore the Fast-Track Master’s programs in more depth.

Get On Track Today!

With the flexibility and affordability offered by Alliant’s Fast-Track programs, earning a Master’s has never been easier. Interested in learning more about any of our Fast-Track Master’s programs? Contact us at the link above.