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Few career paths offer such deep levels of civic engagement, emotional rewards, and direct force of impact on the next generation as a career in education. And few careers are as vital and valuable to society as those of our educators.

It’s no secret that the nation is suffering through one of the worst teacher shortage crises in modern history. Help us stem the tide that threatens our children’s education. Help the nation. Make an Impact. Become a teacher with one of Alliant’s teaching credential programs.

At Alliant we believe it is our shared responsibility to set our children up for a bright future. That’s why we offer a variety of Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved Online Teaching Credentials. We’re proud to heed the call of those who seek to ensure that the next generations’ only limitation is the depth of their imagination.

Alliant has partnered with TEACH California to address California’s teacher shortage. We value the benefit of this partnership for California teacher recruitment.

We are proud to expand our Impact with our new Arizona Teacher Preparation Programs.

We now offer Arizona Board of Education-approved programs in primary and secondary education, as well as a concurrent Master of Arts in Education in Teaching.

Learn more about these programs below:

And for those in California, explore our CTC-Approved Teaching Credential Programs offered at CSOE below:

Throughout your time in California or the online teaching credential program, you’ll develop a strong educational foundation and gain vital student assessment skills. Through online coursework in diverse learning methods and theories, you’ll discover how to teach English-language learners, and you’ll learn about how cultural background affects learning styles.

Most importantly, you’ll gain hands-on experience. Because getting out of our classroom and into your own is the best way to develop your personal teaching style.

Teaching Credential Programs Online, On Your Time

Whether you’re currently in the classroom or working to get there, we offer a flexible format for finishing your Preliminary Multiple- or Single-Subject Teaching Credential.

Online Coursework: You can always get to class on time when class starts on your time. Our online format means that your classes have no specific start times—so you spend less time traveling and more time doing.

Adjustable Attendance: Life demands more of us sometimes, we get it. In these programs, all coursework can be completed from the comfort of your home, on your time.

The Alliant Choice

We don’t take it lightly when a student chooses to partner with us for their education. Making Alliant International University the home for your education means choosing more than just a school. It means choosing quality, from faculty to finish.

Your Path to the Classroom

A teacher knows that each student’s road to success rarely looks the same. The professors at Alliant know this too. That’s exactly why we offer three distinct, pathways to finishing your Preliminary Single or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Student Teaching
With this option, students complete a 16-week, unpaid student teaching placement in at least two grade levels under the guidance of a Master Teacher and Field Supervisor. This path is perfect for studying pedagogy and classroom application before starting your career as a full-time teacher-of-record.

Standard Intern Teaching
The intern teaching option lets you pursue your teaching certification in California or online while earning an income. You’ll be a salaried teacher-of-record for four terms, meaning you assume immediate and full teaching responsibility and management of the classroom. This option works best for those coming into the program with more classroom experience.

Early Completion Intern Teaching Option
Simply put, the Early Completion Option is an abbreviated version of the Standard Intern Teaching path. You are a salaried teacher-of-record for four terms, but your program coursework is accelerated. For this option, we highly recommend you have previous classroom experience.

The Master Plan

Make your path even more distinct with the option to dual-enroll in our online Master of Arts in Education with Teaching Emphasis program.

How it Works: As a student in a Preliminary Teaching Credential program, you only need 3-5 more courses to earn your MAE in Teaching. That’s because all of your teaching credential coursework is applied to your master’s. And the best part? It’s also all online.

Why it Works: A master’s degree offers you an enhanced expertise in teaching and theory that you can apply in the classroom. You can also create new pathways of opportunity in your career.

Ready for the Next Step?

Contact an Alliant admissions counselor today to learn more about Alliant’s teaching credential programs by calling 1-866-825-5426.