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Tatiana Rivadeneyra

Program Director / Assistant Professor
Tatiana Rivadeneyra

Education found me.

I was not looking for education. Like many undergraduates, I began my semester in the Student Support Office in search of work-study. With options to choose from, I unexpectedly decided what I perceived to be easiest: Elementary School Tutor. The job description was clear - tutor, elementary students. Author Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) stated, and I paraphrase, "you never know how important a moment is until it becomes a memory." 

My educator journey began, and middle school mathematics would be the first stop. There is not enough space to share the stories I could tell. But in those 13 academic years, the students there taught me what it was to be an educator of content and of students. To know when to instruct the formal academics, or begin with the informal (the learning outside of the textbooks). This knowledge and understanding would be what would guide my educational side journeys.

Here began the second part of my educator journey: "Hello College...Dr. R is here!" From educational foundations to methods to instructional learning theory. My time within institutions of higher learning has reinforced my knowledge and understanding. I have learned and understood in my 10+ years how to best support, guide, and develop some of the best future teachers through the scope and sequence of courses, criteria for placements, key assessments, objectives for field experiences, and development of resources to monitor and support. Oh, a successful accreditation also helps.

As an educator/professor with 23+ years of extensive experience in mathematics, educational technology and research, to Assessment and National Accreditation Director, I have worked to offer contributions to the field through a range of studies, departmental leadership, curriculum and assessment planning, and other leadership roles to advance excellence in the field of education...all leading to the next part of this educator's journey.