The California Psychology Internship Consortium is an APA-accredited training program dedicated to offering psychology internships that support future professionals to acquire broad-based clinical skills and competencies that are evidenced-informed/evidenced-based, ethically-sound, and culturally-sensitive. Interns receive education and training via a year-long placement at one of our training partners — Department of State Hospitals-Coalinga (DHS-C), Porterville Developmental Center (PDC); San Quentin State Prison (SQSP); State Center Community College District, Fresno (SCCCD); Sutter Center for Psychiatry (Sutter); and the W. Gary Cannon Psychological Service Center (PSC) — as well as through didactics, consultation, and socialization experiences in which partners join to collectively support intern development.

Accreditation Status

CPIC is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association. For more information on the accreditation process, please visit APA’s website:

APA’s contact information is:
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
Commission on Accreditation: 202-336-5979

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Internship Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data


Site Specific Information

Although each member of CPIC shares the same training philosophy, goals, and approach to training, and serves a diverse population, each also offers context-specific opportunities and rotations. Additional detail related to each training partner, as well as the specific stipend offered by each site, can be obtained at the links below.

Department of State Hospitals-Coalinga  – $ 40,000 Stipend
Porterville Developmental Center – $41,976 Stipend
San Quentin State Prison – $41,352 Stipend
State Center Community College District – $20,000 Stipend
Sutter Center for Psychiatry – $25,000 Stipend
W. Gary Cannon Psychological Service Center-PSC – $18,000 Stipend