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Business Graduate Certificate Programs

Job-Ready Graduate Certificates – Earn resume-building skills in a variety of quant and tech areas.


Job-Focused Business Graduate Certificates Online and in San Diego

These certificate programs are designed to give you the skills you need to succeed in  modern technology careers. In these California School of Management and Leadership (CSML) programs, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your knowledge and develop your expertise while earning valuable credits that can be applied towards your master’s degree and your professional development.

Each job-ready certificate program prepares you to test for and acquire valuable, industry-recognized, and sought-after certifications in a specific area. This gives you the opportunity to build a strong resume that includes your graduate or postgraduate degree, and any industry-relevant certifications, increasing your professional development and competitive advantage. Classes are currently held on our San Diego campus; online and hybrid versions will be planned in coming months.

Business Graduate Certificate

Why Choose Alliant for your Graduate Certificates?

Whether you choose to take an in-person or online certificate program, you'll learn from experienced faculty that encourage you to reach your academic and personal goals. Beyond academics, you'll find a culture at Alliant that is welcoming and promotes diversity. This creates an atmosphere of acceptance that allows you to learn from other perspectives and cultures, translating your academic experience into human growth and a better understanding of your peers.

Earn your graduate certificates at Alliant International University.


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