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Can You Get a Management and Leadership Degree Online?

A management degree can open the door to new opportunities. Entering a management and leadership degree program can be a smart way to gain the skills necessary to be an effective and supportive leader in your workplace environment. But, earning a management degree the traditional way may be inaccessible when you’re a working professional or have other obligations. 

Online learning can provide a more flexible option, but can you get a management and leadership degree online? The simple answer is yes—there are online management programs you can take online. So, how do you choose the right one for you? 

If you’re interested in learning more about online management programs, here is a quick guide to help you find the best one for you. 

Typical Admissions Requirements for Online Management Programs

Before you begin any enrollment process, make sure you’re aware of the school’s admission requirements. Online courses tend to require the same items that you would submit for an in-person, traditional course. 

Certain universities or programs may ask for specific information. For the most part, it can still be beneficial to have ready the following for a bachelor’s degree:

  • High school diploma and transcript
  • Previous college courses if they add up to 60 credits
  • SAT and ACT test scores

If you’re pursuing a master’s degree, most programs will require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree first. Refer to the enrollment counselor of the university’s website to guarantee that you have everything you need to submit.

Degree Program Length

It’s helpful to choose an online management program that works well with your schedule. Course timelines may vary between different schools, so consider how much time your potential program is asking you to invest compared to how much time you’re able to give. 

Here are two general points to keep in mind as you’re researching online programs:

  • Time – Online programs tend to be more flexible. So, if you’re a working professional or simply have other obligations, an online program that offers weeknight or weekend courses can be valuable. 
  • Degree – Similar to the traditional route, a bachelor’s degree online will typically take four years and a master’s degree online will typically take two. However, this can change depending on the school and your needs. Programs can be longer or shorter if you need them to be. 

You’ll likely benefit more from an online management program if you find the one that fits you instead of you trying to fit the program.

Job Outlook and Salary

Whether online or in-person, earning a degree may provide the opportunity for a higher salary. Plus, those with a specialized degree and the appropriate skills to match may find increased job prospects in industries that need management and leadership roles. 

Potential careers for those with a degree in management and leadership include:

  • Sales Managers
  • Human Resource (HR) Managers
  • Insurance Sales Representative
  • Administrative Services Managers

The Cost of an Online Degree Program

Wondering if online programs are cheaper than campus-based programs? In general, most online programs are more affordable compared to campus-based, in-person programs. Just take a look at the statistics below1:

  • 80% of public colleges offer potential out-of-state students lower tuition for an online course.
  • 96% of private colleges offer a more inexpensive online option. 

Despite these statistics, it’s always important to check the online program you’re interested in to see whether you’re considered in-state or out-of-state and determine what your potential tuition costs will be. 

The Benefits of Online Programs

What makes online management programs an ideal option? 

One of the main attractions of online programs is that they offer working professionals, parents, or others with obligations the chance to further their education on their own schedules. Some advantages may include:

  • Flexibility and learning on your own schedule
  • Lower, more affordable price
  • Opportunity for career advancement or to change into a new career field
  • Continue working while earning an online degree in leadership and management

As you consider enrolling in an online business program, look for a school that will still provide you the support, resources, and community that you need for success. 

Earning Your Online Management and Leadership Degree

The best online leadership programs should work with you and your schedule, not against you. If you're interested in pursuing your business degree online but want a management degree program that's flexible and supportive, consider starting your journey with Alliant.

We understand the importance of having a work-life balance and that's why our programs offer weekend and evening classes for online students. We can help you build a network of working professionals and provide guidance without disrupting your schedule.

Learn more about the online courses and resources available to you at Alliant International University today.


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