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A degree in leadership and management can provide the building blocks to a long and fruitful career. This educational experience may allow you to open doors to new possibilities such as increased employment potential and networking connections. 

If you’re an individual who challenges themselves constantly and always strives to self-improve to better support your team, then this strategic leadership degree might be the perfect option for you. Plus, this degree may help you launch your management career and elevate your skills to new levels.

Let’s discuss the top benefits of earning an organizational leadership and management degree and what you might learn in a master’s or doctoral program. That way you can understand the full career potential post-graduation.

Potential Benefits of Earning a Degree in Leadership and Management

If you’re debating whether or not you should pursue furthering your education, you’re not alone. In 2020, there were 832,000 master’s degree recipients in the United States.1  The number of people completing master’s programs has almost doubled since 2000, when there were 473,500 degrees conferred. 

These growing numbers may indicate that higher levels of education can be a crucial component of career growth. Let’s look at the specific ways in which focusing your graduate studies on strategic leadership and management may benefit you.

#1 Career Advancement Opportunities

Career advancement can be a struggle for many people. After all, the competition is stiff and you must stand out to move up. Furthering your education with an advanced degree may also help you on your career path.

Gaining an advanced degree can sometimes demonstrate to an employer that you are: 

  • Driven to improve your skills
  • Someone who values growth and learning
  • Worth investing time and money in
  • Committed to your profession

Furthermore, a graduate-level degree may help you obtain organizational management and leadership positions within many industries such as education, healthcare, and finance. Other sectors of interest may include:

  • Sales - A lot of professionals pursue a career in sales and specialize in selling to specific target groups. Another option is to advance to the role of sales manager for a region or district, overseeing a team of sales representatives and managers. This career path can eventually lead to opportunities as a sales team leader, or a chief sales officer.
  • Human resources - An organizational leadership degree may help you gain competitive advantage in the HR sector and even open up career advancement prospects across different settings such as headhunting firms and talent management agencies. Leadership and management skills are sought-after in the field of human resources. 
  • Entrepreneurship - A driving factor to entrepreneurial success is staying adept in the leadership role. Entrepreneurs are prepared to encounter higher levels of unpredictability and risk, and are trained to handle difficult situations with their business management skills.
  • Retail trade and customer service - The retail industry presents a diverse range of employment opportunities, from purchasing agents, logistics coordinators, market researchers to managerial roles such as store managers and operations director. Higher positions require international business and global leadership skills which you can learn in an organizational leadership program. 


#2 Grow Your Network

Even if opportunities for advancement don’t materialize at your current company or organization, when you pursue a degree in leadership and management, you may be able to naturally build your professional network. Meeting fellow students and professionals throughout your leadership online program may lead to more opportunities to change jobs when the time comes.

You may also be able to take advantage of networking events and tools at the university you attend. Many institutions offer career fairs and other ways to connect with employers familiar with the type of students the school produces. 

#3 Applicable Degree Across Industries

The reason some industries may value this degree is because the curriculum content can focus on a skill universal across many sectors—leadership. 

A degree in leadership and management can be appropriate for advancement in many different fields. Instead of focusing on only one industry, you may learn skills that transfer to a wide range of jobs. These skills may enable you to:

  • Negotiate a pay raise in your current position
  • Move into another department of your organization
  • Seek a different opportunity in your field
  • Change careers entirely


#4 Build Leadership Qualities

There may be intrinsic value in earning a degree in leadership. You may be able to build skills that you can apply to all aspects of your life, not just professionally. Some of the valuable life-enhancing tools a degree in leadership and management can provide include:

  • Decision making – Leaders may sometimes need to make tough decisions quickly and under pressure. Therefore, building this skill through a degree program may be useful both in your career and personal life. 
  • Critical thinking and writing – Analyzing, thinking, and writing critically may be a core part of a leadership degree. These skills may help you become a more effective problem solver. You may also find that you’re able to be more strategic when you make plans for the future. 
  • Interpersonal communication – Graduate programs in leadership may invest a significant amount of time in building communication skills. The ability to understand and feel empathy for others can unlock success in personal and professional relationships.
  • Research – Lastly, you may benefit from enhanced research skills that help you learn more about the industry you love. You may also have access to university resources, such as the library, when you’re a student. This can give you ample opportunities to better your understanding of trends and innovations in your line of work.

When you consider that the benefits of a degree in leadership may extend beyond your workplace, continuing your education can become an even more valuable prospect.

#5 Flexible Schedules for Working Professionals

At this point, you might be thinking that all of this sounds great, but where are you going to find the time to attend graduate school and work your busy, full-time job? 

The good news is that yet another benefit of a graduate program in leadership is that they are sometimes built to cater to working professionals. Many can offer online, weekend, and in-person courses that can fit around your work schedule. 

Is this Degree Similar to a Degree in Business Administration?

A degree in leadership and management studies shares similarities with a degree in business administration as both impart core competencies and knowledge in areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, and management. 

However, this degree goes beyond the basics and taps the more advanced topics such as global business, trade, and talent management which give students a better understanding of the complexities in leading and managing organizations in a global perspective.

How is a Typical Degree Program in Leadership and Management Structured?

There are several options for enhancing your education by studying leadership and management. Programs at the master’s and doctoral levels may support your advancement prospects. The option that’s right for you may depend on your career ambitions and the time you’re willing to invest. 

While programs vary by institution, there are some general expectations.

Master’s Program

A master’s leadership online program typically has the following qualities:

  • Takes approximately two years to complete
  • Builds your communication, decision making, and leadership skills
  • Gives you practice in real-world business situations
  • Covers business ethics and strategies
  • Is required for many managerial positions

You should check with your employer before enrolling in a master’s program as many organizations offer tuition reimbursement for education related to your profession.

Doctoral Program

If you already have a master’s degree or you’re looking to really stand out from the competition, you may want to consider a doctoral program in leadership.2  Doctoral programs may include: 

  • About three to four years of coursework and dissertation research
  • Strengthening of your research and writing skills
  • Internship or other hands-on industry involvement
  • To study all aspects of leadership theory and application
  • Challenging and engaging curriculum

Both degree programs may give you a boost in your career, regardless of the industry in which you work. 


Which Industries Hire Individuals with a Degree in Leadership and Management?

Leadership skills may fortify your resume in a variety of fields. This means organizations from many industries might be interested in hiring someone with your abilities once you’ve completed your degree. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics posits that management positions across fields will experience growth in the decade between 2020-30.2 Some of the expected managerial opportunity growth includes the following jobs:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Computer and information systems
  • School principals
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Medical and health services
  • Public relations
  • Architectural and engineering

For most of these industries, there will be leadership roles that must be filled by qualified applicants over the next decade.

Even occupations typically not top of mind for many individuals may need management-level employees, including:3

  • Legislatures
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Compliance officers
  • Project specialists
  • Data managers
  • Other education administrators 

Master Leadership with a Degree from Alliant International University

A management and leadership degree may offer many benefits for career growth, as well as personal growth outside of the workplace. Plus, the degree may not be industry-specific, which may make it a strong choice for professionals across a wide range of fields.

If you’re still wondering—is a master’s in leadership worth it—we may be able to help. At Alliant International University, we have flexible online and in-person course options. 

Contact us today to get more information and determine if we’re the right choice for you.



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