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Bryan MacKay

Award winning marketing executive with extensive experience building, leading, and directing integrated campaigns for national companies. In-depth background in brand creation and management, strategic marketing planning, digital and traditional media creation and planning, content development, as well as branded promotional events for both B2C and B2B environments.


Author posts

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professionals in a computer room

Motivating Security Professionals for Progress

How higher education can reboot professional motivation. Security professionals play a crucial role in safeguarding individuals...

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hand holding tablet showing icons

The Demand for Healthcare Analytics in a Post-COVID World

Explore the benefits of earning a master’s in healthcare analytics. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry...

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man looking out of window

Reaching Your Highest Potential with a DBA Degree

Six reasons to pursue a doctor of business administration (DBA). In today's fast-paced, global business landscape, professionals...