Clinical Counseling: Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Locations, Course Schedule and Curriculum

The California School of Professional Psychology’s Clinical Counseling Master’s program is offered on two campuses: San Francisco and Fresno.

  • In San Francisco, most courses are offered in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.
  • In Fresno, courses are offered in the evenings and on weekends.

Field placement schedules often depend on the individual clinic or agency where each student is placed, and therefore vary depending on location.

Clinical Counseling Courses – 60 Units

The Master’s in Counseling program features a 60-unit curriculum that incorporates the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences educational requirements. In addition to the core curriculum outlined below, students have the opportunity to take elective coursework in a concentration area.

  • Clinical Counseling Observation and Interviewing (3 units)
  • Human Development (3 units)
  • Career Development Theories and Techniques (3 units)
  • Group Counseling Theories and Techniques (3 units)
  • Clinical Counseling Assessment (3 units)
  • Intercultural Awareness Development (3 units)
  • Psychopathology for Clinical Counseling (3 units)
  • Clinical Counseling Research Methods (3 units)
  • Clinical Counseling Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues (3 units)
  • Psychopharmacology (3 units)
  • Chemical Dependence (3 units)
  • Crisis/Trauma Counseling (3 units)
  • Theories and Techniques of Clinical Practice (3 units)
  • Couples Counseling (3 units)
  • Sex Therapy (2 units)
  • Community Mental Health Counseling (3 units)
  • Practicum (1 unit)
  • Internship (6 units total – 3 in each of 2 semesters)
  • Additional 6 units to be made up with electives

Self-Growth Experiences

Students in the Clinical Counseling Master’s program will at times be required to participate in learning activities that require different levels of self-disclosure. This can include, but is not limited to, exploration of one’s beliefs and values and the potential impact of one’s disposition toward the backgrounds and histories of a community, clients, peers, faculty, and supervisors.

As part of the program, Clinical Counseling Master’s students are required to complete 20-30 hours of personal growth counseling with a licensed mental health professional in individual and/or group counseling or psychotherapy prior to graduation.