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Educational Scholarships

Find the funding you need for your education.


Alliant Scholarships and More

Institutional Scholarships

Alliant International University is pleased to offer a large selection of institutional scholarships. We offer scholarships each academic year to new and continuing students. Scholarship awards are applied to tuition and fees on the student account at the University

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Alliant Scholarship Search

Specific information on the institutional scholarships and grants we offer is provided on our scholarship search website.

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Alliant Educational Foundation

The Alliant Educational Foundation offers additional scholarship opportunities for qualified students.

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External Scholarships and Aid Sources

External scholarships are developed and funded by private donors, foundations, businesses and many other sources outside of Alliant, and are available to students who meet eligibility qualifications and requirements. Your eligibility depends upon several factors, all of which are set forth by the organization which offers the scholarship. These scholarships can potentially help you cover the costs of your education and other education-related expenses. You’re encouraged to search for outside grant and/or scholarship funding to help pay for your education.

Applicants and students are encouraged to take advantage of several sites that provide useful financial aid information. 

Among the many services offered free of charge are:

  1. Information about funding for graduate school.
  2. Access to several online searchable databases containing over 200,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans.
  3. EFC estimator, an online calculator that computes an estimate of the student’s expected family contribution and financial need using the federal need analysis methodology.
  4. A loan repayment calculator that calculates manageable debt levels based upon anticipated income.
  5. An annotated bibliography of financial aid resource materials.

The following websites can help you look for scholarships:

Any student who receives additional funds from an outside scholarship or grant must report the source and the value of the award to Alliant Financial Aid Administration. Additional funds could require an adjustment or cancellation to a portion of the existing financial aid award per federal and state regulations. We advise students to thoroughly research an organization prior to submitting a scholarship application. Students using the internet to apply for scholarships should be aware of potential scams.