Alliant’s faculty have distinguished academic credentials and professional experience from across the U.S. and from around the world. The rich diversity of the faculty brings to the University a variety of cultural perspectives and international experience. Over the past 5 years, Alliant has increased its full-time core faculty by 25%, reaching a base of approximately 225 faculty members. These full-time instructors are supplemented by a nearly equal number of adjunct faculty each year who bring additional expertise and experience to Alliant classrooms.

As practicing professionals themselves, Alliant’s faculty have strong ties to the community and to their professional associations. Many have received awards and honors from their associations including the American Psychological Association, the American Marriage and Family Therapy Association and the Academy of Management.

Faculty at Alliant develop key mentoring relationships with their students, helping them build their scholarship and professional experience, in addition to helping them build a relevant professional network. Faculty/student collaborations often result in joint presentations at academic and professional conferences and in publications in professional journals.

Since 2005, faculty (often with student collaborators) have given over 2000 scholarly presentations, with more than half of these to national or international audiences. They have published over 700 books, chapters, journal articles, and other scholarly works, many of which have direct application to professional practice. Most frequent topics have been related to diversity (race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation) and international applications of professional practice.