Professional Training and Community Engagement at Alliant

Successful professionals understand and address the needs of the communities in which they work.  Alliant’s commitment to community engagement underscores our mission to train professionals who are able to work on issues and solve real-world problems in the communities in which they work. Our students tell us that among the activities that excite them the most about their education at Alliant is the prospect of making a real difference in the lives of the individuals, families, schools and organizations they encounter.  In fact, many of our students describe this part of their education as the vital connection to the very passion that drew them to school in the first place.

We encourage all of our students to engage in community-based projects during their time at Alliant, and many of our programs actually require such projects or activities. In addition to benefiting the community, such projects help students learn to grapple with real-world, current and often the toughest social problems of today. It is not uncommon for the community work begun while a student to be continued long after graduation by our alums in their professional practices.

Alliant’s consulting centers, clinics, placements in community service agencies and partnerships with school systems are some examples of how Alliant engages the community everyday.