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An organizational psychologist analyzes the structure of an organization.The success of an organization is not necessarily immediately tied to its profits; it’s often directly tied to things like communication, leadership, production, morale, job satisfaction, and training. If these elements of the organization are functioning at a high level, the success of the organization, and profits, are often imminent.

Organizational psychologists play an important role in developing these systems and understanding the personality of the business and its employees. It’s a fascinating career that can make a real difference on both the micro level of employees’ job satisfaction and the macro level of the organization’s overall health.

The on-campus or online* Master’s in Organizational Psychology Degree program at Alliant International University’s California School of Professional Psychology provides in-depth education and training in the applied theory, research, and practice of industrial and organizational psychology and development consulting. The business psychology master’s degree program in California is currently offered at our Los Angeles and San Diego campuses.

* The online offering is scheduled to be available in Fall/Early Winter 2017. Please check back here or contact an Admission Counselor for more information about the online master’s program.

Applying Fundamentals

Students not only understand the principles of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, but they develop the skills necessary to apply theory and research in the field to assist organizations to discover creative solutions to their most pressing problems.

Potential career paths available to those with a Master’s in Organizational Psychology include:

  • Internal and external research consultant
  • Instructional designer for training protocol
  • Organizational assessment, structure, and development
  • Human resources management
  • Talent management or personnel analyst
  • Organizational or business psychology professor

Real-World Training with Expert Oversight

While much of the business psychology master’s program may be completed online around your schedule, it also provides the opportunity to receive valuable, in-person experience in a practicum location.

Students can complete their practicum across a variety of locations in California, including at consulting firms, major corporations and other businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit community organizations.

This real-world experience is the difference between knowledge and application. Using your academic background and experience within a living, functioning organization allows you to apply your skills and see the results it can have on a business.

Accommodating Class Schedule & Shared Curriculum

This is a full-time program that can be completed in as few as two years as a full-time student. Four to five courses are normally taken each term. Courses are primarily offered in evening, weekend, executive, and/or hybrid formats, allowing working students to attend school outside of their work hours. The program also requires that 240 internship hours be performed.

All campuses share the same curriculum, allowing students to access faculty expertise across our Alliant campuses and offering students flexibility to take some courses at other campuses.

Are you also preparing to earn your doctoral degree in organizational psychology? After demonstrating excellent academic skills, organizational psychology masters students can apply for the Organizational Psychology PhD program as early as their second semester.

Is a Master’s in Organizational Psychology Right for You?

This degree is particularly appropriate if you:

  • Want to work as an internal or external organizational effectiveness consultant, human resources business partner, project team leader or manager.
  • Are currently working in human resources or a related area and want to deepen and strengthen your professional competencies in organizational psychology.
  • Earned a graduate degree in business, counseling psychology, management or engineering, and are considering a career change or simply want to supplement your current professional competencies with those in executive coaching, team development, or organizational change management.
  • Think you may want to go on to a doctorate but are not yet ready to commit to doctoral-length training.
  • Require a less traditional, more accommodating schedule.

Explore Organizational Psychology at Alliant International University

For more information about Alliant’s Master’s in Organizational Psychology, please contact an Alliant admissions counselor today at 1-866-825-5426.