Clinical Psychology Masters Program in Japan

Here at Alliant International University, we have been proud to offer programs in cities and countries around the world in support of the desire to truly be the international university that our name says that we are. We consider each and every student that has passed through our international programs to be as much a part of the Alliant family as those that attend classes either online or at our California campuses and, too, are deeply proud of the contributions to they have made to the fields of psychology, education, business, and forensic science around the world.

However, times have changed for us at Alliant and we have ceased enrolling new students for our Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Degree Program that was being offered in Tokyo, Japan.

While this does mark the end of an era for Alliant, we want to ensure and reassure every student in this program that, despite its end, Alliant is committed to providing the same institutional excellence they have received throughout their time in the program, and the same institutional excellence each and every prior graduating class has received. As this final student cohort works its way towards the commencement stage they will have access to every single student and educational resource they would have as if the program was still accepting new entries, and that we at Alliant will be there for them as if nothing has changed as this program teaches itself out to completion.

While we are saddened by the ending of our Tokyo program, we, as always, remain immensely proud of the students we have taught, the professionals we have prepared for the field, and the lives we have changed through the educational journey offered at Alliant International University, regardless of what country we’re in together.