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Alliant Faculty Member

Dr. Lindsey has served as Social Work Educator since 2013. Prior to joining the academia, she was the clinical director of a large outpatient mental health agency. Her teaching concentration centers on the fundamental professional skills of graduate-level social work practice, group work, research, policy, and field classes. Dr. Lindsey currently serves as the MSW Program Director for the MSW Program at Alliant International University. 

Dr. Lindsey’s research focuses on food insecurity among college students. This research agenda, developed in 2015, when she initiated a project with a research team to learn more about experiences of hunger among college students. Since that time, Dr. Lindsey has served as the research coordinator implemented multiple ongoing research projects. Most recently, Dr. Lindsey and student team members have explored food insecurity through the use of photography. Utilizing both photographs from participants and hundreds of pages of narratives, Dr. Lindsey continues to guide meaningful student support initiatives. 

In addition to food insecurities, Dr. Lindsey also conducts research on program evaluation and program assessment. Dr. Lindsey has conducted evaluations ranging from the impact of completion of college degrees to the impact of teaching adolescents to deal with stressors while exercising.