Faculty of the California School of Management and Leadership

Core Faculty

Rachna Kumar
Dean, Professor and Systemwide Program Director, Master’s, Business and Management Programs, San Diego
PhD, Management Information Systems, 1994, New York University, Stern School of Management
Research interests: Establishing trust in virtual teams, sustainable work design for success in outsourcing/offshoring contexts, impacts of technology on self-efficacy, transfer of technology skills to developing economies, technology synchronization and organizational performance, technology mediated learning

Ghassan Hanna
Assistant Professor, San Diego
PhD, Business Administration (Management), 2013, Northcentral University
Research interests: Information systems and technology (networking architecture, software and IT security, database design and management, and Internet of Things applications)

René M. Naert
Professor, San Diego
PhD, Administration, 1996, Walden University
Research interests: Information systems

Saba Ozyurt
Associate Professor and Program Director, Undergraduate Business and Management Programs, Undergraduate General Education (lower division) and MBA
PhD, Political Science and Government, 2009, University of California, Irvine
Research interests: Comparative politics, international relations, immigration, ethnic and gender relations in Western Europe and the United States

Huiyu Qian
Assistant Professor, San Diego
PhD, Applied Mathematics, 2009, Lehigh University
Research interests: Statistical analysis and modeling, predictive analysis and forecasting, quantitative research, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, marketing research, operational optimization, financial mathematics and statistics

Hamid Rahman
Professor, San Diego
PhD, Finance, 1987, Syracuse University
Research interests: Finance

Aaron Wester
Assistant Professor, San Diego
DM/IST, Information Systems Technology, 2013, University of Phoenix
Research interests: Quantitative research, data science, business intelligence, analytics, data management, user experience design, statistics, machine learning, web development, virtual reality integration, augmented reality design, responsive design, emerging video gaming innovations disruption, interaction design

Alex Howland
Assistant Professor, San Diego
PhD, Consulting Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 2015, Alliant International University
Research interests: Organizational Behavior, Pro-Seminar in Consulting Psychology, Cultural Diversity in Organizations, Conflict Management, Biological Aspects of Human Behavior, Human Resource Management, Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior, Business Principles, Counseling in an Organizational Setting, Consultation and Facilitation Skills, Organizational Change and Development, Individual Assessment for Business and Career, Individual and Executive Coaching, Group Dynamics in Organizations, Organizational Theory, Ethical Legal and Professional Issues in Organizational Psychology

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