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Alliant International University is excited to announce the latest chapter in our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across our institution. 

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Partner Training Program will run from September through November 2021 and offers several Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) internal workshops. These sessions are designed to provide key insight regarding several areas of our DEI initiative, including but not limited to identity, power & privilege, allyship, implicit bias, culture, and inclusive leadership.

As a university that values and embraces diversity, we are extremely proud to offer this internal training as we continue to build a world empowered by Alliant faculty, students, and alumni who will share our  values. We are confident that these constructive, tangible efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion will bring positive change and help build a world that works for all of us.

Below is a brief program description and the professor leading the course:

Alliant's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Partner Training Program


julii green

Cultural Humility
This workshop provides techniques on how to further develop self-reflection and awareness to support mutual empowerment, respect, and partnerships related to diversity. Dr. Green will also encourage and teach techniques for life-long learning beyond the workshop. 

Instructor: Dr. Julii Green
Dr. Julii Green, is an Eastern Band Cherokee & African American Associate Professor and clinician. Dr. Green is also the current member-at-large (Native American slate) within Div.45, and has worked in community mental health for over 15years. She conducts research and advocates in the following areas:  IPV, Native American women and social determinants of health; Indigenous feminist-focused mentorship, as well as strategies to recruitment, retention, and assist with the matriculation of ethnically diverse graduate psychology students.  

Shakeer Abdullah 

Dr. Abdullah provides an overview of identity groups and development models, dominant/underrepresented groups, and the social construction of demographics. A deeper understanding of how identity is expressed in society, empowers positive choices in daily life.

Instructor: Dr. Shakeer Abdullah 
Since August of 2018, Dr. Abdullah has served as the Vice President of Student Affairs at Clayton State University.  In this role he serves as the chief student affairs officer and advisor to the President on all matters pertaining to student life. He works to build strong partnerships across campus and in the local community; identify and implement innovative approaches to addressing student needs including learning outcomes; collect, analyze, and share data to support new and existing programs; and actively promote a welcoming environment for all students, staff, faculty, and community members from diverse backgrounds and cultures.



Adisa Alkebulan

Power & Privilege
This workshop explores how power and privilege can hinder or even obstruct forming an equitable society, leading to oppression and other negative impacts among certain groups. Dr. Alkebulan will cover the intersectionality of power, privilege, and race, to promote awareness and restore dignity within these power dynamics. 

Instructor: Dr. Adisa Alkebulan 
Dr. Alkebulan possesses a unique understanding of the discipline with an ability to relate to individuals and communities from a place of compassion and change. In many ways, he is a scholar-activist in the best traditions of African agency. Dr. Alkebulan’s acumen and motivation to further develop, both intellectually and personally, stand out. To say that he has a unique ability to get things done is but an understatement.

Godwin Higa

Systems & Structures
How our systems and structures are designed and how they operate affects every aspect of our society. This workshop looks at the historical oppression and trauma created by institutional and structural inequity, and how that negatively impedes access, psychology, and safety for marginalized groups.

Instructor: Godwin Higa 
Godwin Higa was born and raised on a farm in Kaneohe, Hawaii. He is recently retired and the ex-principal of the first Trauma Informed School in San Diego, Cherokee Point Elementary School. His school was recognized by the Huffington Post/CA Endowment as one of few Trauma Informed Schools in the nation. He has been a principal with San Diego Unified School District for 20 years in Elementary and Secondary schools. He was a teacher at Donovan Correctional Facility – State Prison in San Diego. Hospice patient volunteer for five years in Hemet CA and San Diego.

Rianna Moore

Implicit Bias & Microinequities
While overt bias and prejudice may be easier to recognize, increased attention is being paid to the everyday macro/micro aggressions that diverse communities face and endure. this workshop will look at different types of microinequities and microinvalidations, and gain a greater awareness of macro/micro assaults and unconscious bias, along with tools to help correct these behaviors.

Instructor: Dr. Rianna Moore
Dr. Rianna Moore is an OD/DEI specialist with many years’ experience as a consultant, coach, and educator/facilitator in the corporate (high-tech, engineering, finance, manufacturing, HR, etc.), government, and higher education sectors. Current or recent clients include Brown-Forman, the NHL, Centers for Creative Leadership, Lockheed-Martin, Sandia Labs, Novant Health, and NAVAIR/US Navy. She has led consulting projects and/or facilitated programs for Michigan State, Stanford U, UConn, Georgetown U, and the AMA. Before launching an independent practice, Dr. Moore was an OD/DEI and management development specialist in a Fortune 25 high-tech company. 

Dumayi Gutierrez 

Minority Stress
Dealing with bias and inequity at both the micro and macro levels creates an enormous amount of stress for an individual, building over time to cause racial battle fatigue. This will workshop will review minority stress models and ways that we can change their negative effects which can include: expectations of rejection due to race, and exposure, risk, and vulnerability to potential mental health issues.

Instructor: Dr. Dumayi Gutierrez 
Dr. Gutierrez has a passion for working with multiple marginalized communities. She has published and presented nationally on minority stress, intersectionality of self and family systems, couple support systems, resiliencies of sexually marginalized and gender expansive Latinx populations, intersectional culturally competent care, and Women of Color in higher education. She uses a narrative, experiential, and feminist approach, utilizing techniques of advocacy and empowerment



Jan Estrellado

While there are many people who want to be allies to diverse populations, they are often at a loss on how best to accomplish this. Dr. Estrellado will cover topics around advocacy and social justice, how to be an action-oriented ally, and help strengthen skills toward having courageous conversations across differences, and being an ally that speaks up to confront bias.

Instructor: Dr. Jan Estrellado
 Dr. Estrellado’s research areas examine race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity in trauma therapy.   Dr. Estrellado’s scholarly interests connect multicultural psychology and trauma psychology, with the goal of providing quantitative and qualitative evidence for effective, culturally-informed supervision and training of graduate students.  Dr. Estrellado was a Leadership Fellow with the Asian American Psychological Association and an alumna of the Minority Fellowship Program with the American Psychological Association.  Dr. Estrellado runs a private practice dedicated to trauma recovery and is also a consultant to the Avellaka Program, a federally funded anti-violence program serving the La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians.


Joe Garbanzos

Inclusive Leadership
To be an effective leader, you must be an inclusive leader. This workshop will speak about cultivating a sense of belonging and mattering among your team, inclusive leadership traits, equity and leadership practices, and how to create and build inclusive teams for a more positive and productive work environment.

Instructor: Joe Garbanzos
Joe Garbanzos has a lived-in experience in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at work and off-work environments. He brings many perspectives and experiences on the subject of DEI. He was recently CEO/Executive Director at Samahan Health Centers, a FQHC in San Diego. His work-experience also includes consulting in healthcare, outreach and education in hard-to-reach and culturally diverse communities.  He also is a Lecturer at CA School of Management & Leadership, Alliant International University, San Diego campus.  

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