CFT Graduate Flor Yousefian Tehrani to Present at 2015 AAMFT Conference

CFT Graduate Flor Yousefian Tehrani to Present at 2015 AAMFT Conference

Photo provided by the official AAMFT website.


Irvine CFT PsyD graduate Flor Yousefian Tehrani’s dissertation research has been selected as 1 of 10 featured Cutting Edge Research Presentations at the 2015 AAMFT National Conference in Austin, TX. This is a major honor to have her dissertation research selected as one of the top 10 cutting-edge studies in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy in the entire nation. She will present with CSPP faculty Dr. Jeffrey Jackson.

In their research, Tehrani and Dr. Jackson looked at the degree to which the past romantic experiences of each partner predicted their personality traits, how satisfied they were in their current relationship, and how committed they were to the current relationship. They found that helping premarital couples learn to feel more secure with one another will likely improve their chances of maintaining a satisfying and long-lasting relationship.

AAMFT and the California Division have been advancing the profession of marriage and family therapy for over 60 years. AAMFT-CA represents more than 3,500 licensed professional therapists in California who uphold the high training and practice standards of our international professional association.

We would like to congratulate Flor Yousefian Tehrani on her great accomplishment!

For more information on the doctoral Couple and Family Therapy degree please visit the CFT program page.