Advanced Fellowship Program in Mental Illness Research and Treatment – APA Accredited

Advanced Fellowship Program in Mental Illness Research and Treatment – APA Accredited


Advanced Fellowship Program in Mental Illness Research and Treatment – APA Accredited

Fellowship Opportunity Announcement: The VISN 19 Mental Illness Research, Education & Clinical Center (MIRECC) Training Committee invites applications for our two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship program. This Fellowship offers the opportunity to benefit from mentorship from a renowned staff, while contributing to the VISN 19 MIRECC mission: to study suicide with the goal of reducing suicidal ideation and behaviors in the Veteran population, and focus on promising clinical interventions, as well as the cognitive and neurobiological underpinnings of suicidal thoughts and behaviors that may lead to innovative prevention strategies.

The VISN 19 MIRECC postdoctoral fellowship is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) on Accreditation.

This program uses a scientist-practitioner framework where Clinical/Research faculty model critical skills. The program is designed to prepare entry level Psychologists to meet the emerging mental health needs of today’s Veterans and engage in clinical research contributing to the development of effective treatments/interventions. Fellows gain experience with a wide range of high priority populations such as patients with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, depression, anxiety, PTSD, TBI and SMI.

Core training experiences include: participation in Hub-site didactic series through the Office of Academic Affiliations, individual clinical supervision and research mentorship, participation in the VISN 19 MIRECC consultation service, provision of individual and group psychotherapy, and other key national and local opportunities.

For program details, including requirements for application and program graduation, please visit our Web site’s Fellowship pages:

Applications are due by January 10, 2014.

Training Director: Lisa A. Brenner, Ph.D.

Assistant Training Director: Beeta Homaifar, Ph.D.

Training Committee Members:

Peter M. Gutierrez, Ph.D. Hal Wortzel, M.D.

Nazanin Bahraini, Ph.D. Jennifer Olson-Madden, Ph.D.

Bridget Matarazzo, Psy.D. Samantha Farro, Ph.D.

James Pease, Ph.D. Gina Signoracci, Ph.D.

Sean Barnes, Ph.D. Theresa Hernández, Ph.D.

Jeri Forster, Ph.D. Cynthia Grant, Ph.D., LCSW

Ellyn Matthews, Ph.D., RN, AOCNS, CBSM

To Apply:

Please send the following:

1) A letter of interest that identifies career goals, expectations, and goodness of fit with VISN 19 MIRECC’s mission;

2) A current Curriculum Vitae;

3) A letter of completion or expected completion from academic and internship/residency programs;

4) Three letters of recommendation;

5) A sample de-identified neuropsychological evaluation report, and;

6) A summary regarding number and types of neuropsychological tests administered and reports written (some background in cognitive assessment is preferred).

Please send completed application to:

Beeta Homaifar, Ph.D.

VISN 19 MIRECC/VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System

1055 Clermont St.

Denver, CO 80220

For more information, please e-mail:

Visit our Fellowship pages: