AAMFT-CA 5th Annual Conference in Northridge, CA

AAMFT-CA 5th Annual Conference in Northridge, CA

American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy – California Division

5th Annual AAMFT-California Division Conference, February 27-28, 2015

California State University Northridge
Bringing Systemic Therapy into a Collaborative Mental Health World:
Applications for Clinical, Community, & Private Practice

“Are you a private practice clinician working collaboratively with systems? Are you a student and/or trainee?Are you involved with community mental health care? Are you prelicensed or newly licensed? This conference will be relevant for you!” For more information about the conference and presenters click here. Join CSPP and Alliant at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Annual Conference!

Below is a summary of the CSPP Alumni, Faculty, and Student  presentations. Please note: If you are a member of the CSPP community and you don’t see your presentation listed, please email us at CSPPalumni@alliant.edu and we would be happy to add it.


Jeremy Arzt, MA Adjunct Professor (CSPP-Irvine) and Dr. Noah Hass-Cohen Associate Professor, (CSPP-LA): “Treating men with life sentences:  Family systems and attachment-based guidelines.”

Jasmine Board (CSPP-Irvine): “The Effects of Adolescent Cancer on Family Mental Health.”

Dr.  Flor Yousefian Tehrani (CSPP-Irvine Alumna ’14) and Dr. Jeffrey Jackson, Assistant Professor (CSPP-Irvine): selected to present as 1 of 10 featured Cutting Edge Research Presentations at the AAMFT conference on premarital couples relationships.

Los Angeles

Dr. Benjamin Caldwell Associate Professor (CSPP-LA) will co-present with Dr. Kahn, along with Katie Rosenberry (CSPP-LA, PhD Student): “Systemic therapy for self-injury: A multi-impact approach.”

Dr. Noah Hass-Cohen, Associate Professor (CSPP-LA); Karina Chandler-Ziegler, MA; Sterling Funk, MA (CSPP Alum ’13, Mexico City), and Thomas Veeman, MA (CSPP-Alum, Mexico city): “Diversity and developmentally based indicators in Mexican child drawings: Results from a research study.”

Dr. Lekeisha Sumner, Associate Professor (CSPP-LA) and Sara Assar, MA (CSPP-LA Clinical PsyD student) will be presenting on: “Health Promotion with Couples: Using Attachment Theory & Science to Promote Sexual Vitality, Relational Growth, and Positive Health Behaviors.”

Benjamin Toubia, MA (CSPP-LA): “Gender role conflict, role division, and the gay relational experience.”

Benjamin Toubia, MA (CSPP-LA), Claire Hapke, MA (CSPP-LA): “New clinicians guide to selecting a theoretical orientation.”

Anton Yanagisawa, (CSPP-LA PsyD Student) will be presenting on: “A Relational Anger Management Program for Minority Children Affected by Larger System Trauma”


Dr. Sean Davis, Associate Professor (CSPP-Sacramento) will be presenting with Sandra Espinoza (CSPP-Irvine): “Clinical Implications for Working with Couples Affected by Deportation.”

Dr. Alexander Hsieh, Assistant Professor (CSPP-Sacramento) will be presenting two posters with Chichun Lin (CSPP-SD).

Dr. Gita Seshadri, Assistant Professor (CSPP-Sacramento), will be presenting a poster with Manpreet Kaur“The Therapeutic Dance Of Working With Southeast Asian Families On Working With Southeast Asians In Mental Health.”

San Diego

Dr. Alyssa Banford, Assistant Professor (CSPP-SD)  will have a poster presented by Dr. Banker (co-author): “Trauma and Endocrine Disorders: Integrating Behavioral Health Care.“

Dr. Angela Kim, Assistant Professor (CSPP-SD) will be presenting with students Rachel Engh (CSPP-LA) and Cathy Nguyen (CSPP-SD)

Dr. Sesen Negash, Assistant Professor (CSPP-SD) will be presenting: “A Family Affair: Treating Parental Infidelity using a Structural Family Therapy Framework “

Dr. Alba Nino, Assistant Professor (CSPP-SD) will be presenting: “Connecting across difference: Strategies learned from foreign-born therapists.”

San Francisco

Dr. Matthew Mock, (CSPP-SF Alum ’91) will be presenting: “Culture, Mental Health and Systemic Community Practice: Wellness, Resilience and Recovery.”