2015 CPA Conference in San Diego

2015 CPA Conference in San Diego

Over half of the licensed psychologists in California are graduates of the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP). So it’s not surprising that our CSPP community had a strong showing at last year’s California Psychological Association (CPA) Convention in Monterrey.

This year, the 2015 CPA Convention will be held in San Diego April 23-26, 2015. The 2015 CPA Convention Chair is our very own Dr. Jeff Tirengel, Professor in the Los Angeles Clinical PsyD program and CSPP alumnus (CSPP-LA,’91). For a list of student/faculty/alumni presentations and awards, please scroll down.

Please be sure to visit our CSPP/Alliant Exhibit Table Friday (10:30 – 4pm) and/or Saturday (7:30am – 4pm) while at CPA to pick up some CSPP schwag!

CE credits will be available through APA, BBS, and BRN associations. The opening keynote speaker, Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas is the Science Director at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. She will start the conference off on Friday with her thoughts on Mindfulness.  Presentations on Sunday with Professor Elyn Saks (Orrin B. Evans Professor of Law, Psychology, and Psychiatry and the Behavioral sciences at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law) and Dr. Stephen Behnke (Director of Ethics, American Psychological Association) give us an intimate view of navigating a friendship when one person has schizophrenia.Dr. Emiliana Simon Thomas is also connected to the Greater Good Science Center and in the past has co-taught a Happiness MOOC course with Dr. Dachner Keltner, which was taken by 115,000 people. Also presenting at the conference is Dr. Stanley Sue. He is recognized nationally as an active contributor on issues related to minority populations and mental health.

CPA is the largest State Psychological Association in the US and was awarded the Outstanding State Psychology Award. We hope many of you will join us again this year in San Diego. For registration and more information click here.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jei Africa (CSPP-SF alumnus ’02 & Postdoctoral MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology ’07) was selected as the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution Award. This award honors a person whose voluntary and career efforts have directly and significantly improved the quality of life for a broad range and large number of persons in our society.  Congratulations Dr. Africa on this wonderful award! Dr. Africa was featured in the Philippine News for his outstanding accomplishments. Click here for a link to read the article. 

Dr. Scott Woolley (CSPP Distinguished Professor) is one of the four Master Lecturers at the CPA convention, a great honor and achievement for Dr. Woolley and CSPP faculty. Congratulations!

In addition to Dr. Africa’s award, we are proud of other CSPP faculty and alumni who will be receiving notable awards, including:

  • Dr. Rut Gubkin (CSPP-SF/Alameda ’91) will be receiving the Division 7 Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology
  • Dr. Thomas Hardey (CSPP-SD ’75) will be receiving the Division 8 Award for Distinguished Service
  • Dr. Janet Hurwich (CSPP-SF/Alameda ’92) will be receiving the Division 1 Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology
  • Dr. Mark Kamena (CSPP-SF/Alameda ’97) will be receiving the Division 1 Award for Distinguished Service
  • Dr. Jeffrey Tirengel (CSPP-LA Professor & alumnus, ’91) will be receiving the Distinguished Contribution to Psychology as a Profession Award
  • Dr. Keith Valone (CSPP Postdoctoral MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology ’10) will be receiving the Division 5 Chuck Faltz Advocacy Award


CSPP Student Presenters:

Christopher Barmann (CSPP-SD)

Errinn Bixby (CSPP-SD)

Alinna Card (CSPP-Fresno)

Brittany Cunningham (CSPP-Fresno)

Dawn Glover (CSPP-LA)

George Godfrey (CSPP-LA)

Marlene Gonzalez (CSPP-LA)

Emily Guarnotta (CSPP-SD)

Samuel Kane (CSPP-SF)

Christine Kimmel (CSPP-SD)

Sukhjit Mann (CSPP-Fresno)

Alex Rowell (CSPP-SD)

Jessica Rucker (CSPP-SF)

Sasha Turner (CSPP-SD)

Rachel Vedder (CSPP-SD)

Evelyn Vasquez (CSPP-SD)

Donald Vercellini (CSPP-Fresno)

Jason Von Stietz (CSPP-LA)

Christina Wafer (CSPP-SD, Clinical Ph.D.)

CSPP Faculty Presenters:

Dr. Terece Bell, Associate Professor (CSPP-LA & alumna ’84)

Dr. Steven Bucky, Distinguished Professor (CSPP-SD)

Dr. Annette Ermshar, Associate Professor (CSFS-LA & alumna Postdoc MS – Clinical Psychopharmacology ’07)

Dr. Michi Fu, Associate Professor (CSPP-LA & alumna ’02)

Dr. Louise Kelly, Professor (ASM-SD)

Dr. Alan Lincoln, Professor (CSPP-SD & alumnus, Postdoc MS Clinical Psychopharmacology ’04)

Dr. Meenakshi Menon, Assistant Professor (CSPP-SF)

Dr. Gerald Michaels, Associate Professor  (CSPP-SF)

Dr. Nick Noviello, Associate Professor (CSPP-LA)

Dr. Erin O’Callaghan, Associate Professor (CSPP-LA)

Dr. Adele Rabin, Professor Emeritus (CSPP-SD)

Dr. Neil Ribner, Professor (CSPP-SD)

Dr. Ronald Stolberg, Associate Professor (CSPP-SD)

Dr. Jeff Tirengel, Professor (CSPP-LA & alumnus ’91). Dr. Tirengel is also the 2015 CPA Convention Chair.

Dr. Scott Woolley, Distinguished Professor (CSPP-SD) – one of the four Master Lecturers at the CPA Convention

CSPP Alumni Presenters:

Dr. Amy Ahlfeld, (CSPP-SD  ’09)

Dr. Tamara Anderson, (CSPP-LA ’92)

Dr. Nancy Gardner, (CSPP-LA ’94)

Dr. Rut Gubkin, (CSPP-SF  ’91)

Dr. Sallie E. Hildebrandt, (CSPP-SD ’82)

Dr. A. Tom Horvath, (CSPP-SD ’81)

Dr. Patricia Judd, (CSPP-SD ’89)

Dr. Matthew McKay, (CSPP-SF ’78)

Dr. Stephanie Pennington (CSPP-SD ’13)

Dr. Stephen Pfeiffer (CSPP-SD  ’76).  Dr. Pfeiffer is also the current CPA President.

Dr. Stephen Phillips, (CSSP- LA ‘ 99 and CSPP-LA Faculty)

Dr. Andris Skuja, (CSPP-SF ’04)

Dr. Ellen Stein, (CSPP-SD ’95)

Dr. Ester Yesayan (CSPP-LA ’14)


If you are presenting at CPA and are not listed above, or if you are listed above and something is incorrect, please email CSPPalumni@alliant.edu to let us know. Thank you!