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How to Become a Doctor of Business Administration Online

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Published on: 06/19/2020
Last Updated: 08/15/2023
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Do you have a passion for business, management, and marketing? Are you interested in furthering your academic and scholarly understanding of these subjects? If so, a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) might be right for you. As a future business leader, you’ll be given challenging course work, learn valuable research methods, and gain hands-on experience through the online DBA graduate program at our accredited business school.

Our DBA student body is provided with a practical understanding of the most important business challenges facing the world. The online doctorate in business program’s technical know-how meets real-world experience helps to make DBAs such a force in business1.

So, how to get a doctor of business administration? Doctoral candidates pursuing a business administration degree program know that the process takes time, resiliency, and effort. However, many people are unaware that they can work towards this advanced degree program from the comfort of their home, on a more flexible schedule. If you are looking to gain your higher education and work towards a doctoral program, Alliant International University is an excellent place to start.

Explore our DBA Program

With Alliant International University, you can begin working towards your DBA online at your own pace.  Click here to learn about the ins and outs of our Doctor of Business Administration program.

The Online Doctor of Business Administration is designed for:

  • International students and professionals engaged in strategic management or strategic leadership for a considerable period of time and want to widen their career prospects
  • Educators in the academe who want to be updated on current theoretical practices in international business and economics to address problems
  • Executives keen to transform their business intelligence and careers as professors or skilled consultants

Doctor of Business Administration: The Basics

A doctoral degree in business administration equips the world’s leading business minds with a unique perspective on business and management theory. These programs typically require 4 to 5 years of study, including the drafting of a dissertation. 

However, Alliant International University offers prospective students the opportunity to pursue a DBA online and draft their dissertation in as little as 3 years.

The online doctoral program at our accredited institution offers students an in-depth study on the most relevant topics and theories associated with global business today.

These advanced workshops, courses, and seminars taught by leading decision-makers and business scholars help produce innovative thinkers and future leaders in the field of international business. To get started, choose from a wide range of specialized courses within the most crucial segments of business administration study. You also have the option to focus on a specific concentration when studying this degree program:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology and Data Science

For more details on concentrations and courses, take a look at the full curriculum plan, outlining what you can expect from your online DBA program with Alliant.

Become a Doctor of Business Administration Online: Step-by-Step 

To get started on your DBA journey with Alliant, just follow these quick steps to begin the process now. 

#1 Review Alliant’s DBA and Consider Your Options

The first step in transforming your career with a DBA degree is to conduct your due diligence. Before beginning your application, it would be a good idea to acquire a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the online DBA degree program structure. 

Once you have a clear view of the degree, you can get started on the formalities. 

#2 Verify that You Qualify for a Doctoral Degree

Prospective students must satisfy prerequisites to be eligible for these advanced degree programs, such as: 

  • Students must complete an MBA or master’s degree in a related subject
  • Achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 during their qualifying undergraduate and postgraduate studies

If you have met these prerequisites for the DBA degree, you will be eligible to continue on to the application. 

#3 Prepare Your Application

The application to the business administration DBA online program requires the submission of several documents that assist in the selection process. Review this admission requirements checklist before proceeding with the online application. 

  1. Official Transcripts
  2. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation
  4. Autobiographical Essay on Future Plans
  5. List of Professional Associations You Belong To

Once you have prepared these documents, you can proceed with applying online. 

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#4 Apply and Pay the Application Fee

Apply to the online DBA through Alliant’s application portal. Don’t forget to attach all the required documents listed in the above admission requirements checklist and pay the $65 application fee to complete your submission. 

#5 Wait for Your Response and Prepare for Your Interview

The university will review your application in due time and inform you of whether you have been selected for an interview. 

If selected, all doctoral candidates will be interviewed by a member of the faculty who will then provide a recommendation for the admission decision. As a DBA candidate, you will be offered details on how to prepare for the interview once the admissions team has reviewed your application.

#6 Get Accepted

The admissions department will advise you as soon as a decision has been made regarding your application. 

#7 Accept Your Offer and Review Funding Options

If accepted, you can then accept your offer and review financial aid and funding options for our online program. 

You also have the option to apply for external grants and scholarships to your studies at Alliant.

Apply for the DBA Degree

Common Curriculum of a Business Administration Degree Program 

A DBA program is generally a combination of coursework and independent business research which ultimately leads to your dissertation. Your coursework may typically include:

Major or Core Courses

These courses concentrate on fundamental business administration knowledge and abilities. They delve into essential topics such as management theory and practice, leadership, strategic thinking, and organizational change. The skills and knowledge acquired through these courses help train you to be one of the business leaders qualified across different business functions.

Elective Courses

These courses offer you the chance to explore specific areas of interest in greater depth.


The courses entail business research design, execution, research tools, and how to effectively communicate your findings in written form.


This is the culmination of your DBA program, showing your expertise, research skills, and contribution to the field of business administration. This includes a comprehensive exam, as well as the writing and the defense of an original dissertation that applies current research to address real-world business challenges.

Common Prerequisites for Graduation in a DBA Program

The doctorate in business administration program requirements can differ from one university to another. However, standard criteria often include:

  • Credit hour fulfillment - The DBA degree is a 60-credit program and usually takes 18 terms or three to four years to complete.
  • Dissertation completion -  It is necessary to research and compose a dissertation, which should receive endorsement from the academic committee designated by the institution. Your faculty mentor will help you through the entire dissertation process.
  • Minimum GPA requirements - Most business schools mandate a minimum GPA to be eligible for graduation.
  • Practical Training - Practical training is required and intended to develop professional and applied practice-related skills and expertise in the doctoral students' program through various work and learning experiences that could involve supervised practical training and/or applied client projects. 

Why Pursue an Online Doctoral Degree in Business Administration?

The online DBA from Alliant International University prepares candidates for a career in leadership and business management. Graduates from the DBA program are provided the education and skill sets to become key decision-makers in any industry or business environment1

Whether you decide to pursue a career in the private sector, public sector, or academia, our DBA student body retains the full spectrum of technical knowledge necessary to meet the standards of today1

If you’re ready to take the next step in your professional development, become a Doctor of Business Administration online with Alliant International University. 

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