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Wonder what can you do with a DBA? The DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) is a terminal degree and represents the highest academic qualification in Business Administration or Management, typically focusing on applied research while achieving academic excellence1. A business administration degree prepares students to work in industry or in academia and provides various career options.

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In industry, DBA graduates can be entrepreneurs or work in organizations as consultants, managers, and executives. They can venture into business analytics, project management, international business, and strategic management, among other specializations.

In academia, a DBA graduate can work for research institutions as researchers or teach business courses in universities and colleges as professors. Some professionals with a DBA may decide to do it all - work full-time in industry and teach part-time as professors, while running their own businesses. A DBA degree can provide flexibility in pursuing diverse career paths, including being a part-time or full-time professor. This kind of career opportunity is a testament to the versatility of a DBA degree and the breadth of business management skills it imparts.

As DBA programs usually recruit students with work experience and provide valuable training in real-world problem solving and applied research methods, professionals with a DBA are especially appreciated by educational institutions who value practical applications, original research, and professional development. The DBA program at Alliant International University is ACBSP accredited2. It includes four major parts: 

  • Business and management 
  • CPD (Career and Professional Development) 
  • Research methodologies 
  • Dissertation

It aims to prepare and help students to accelerate their careers and reach the highest level with knowledge and skills developed through the course work and experiential training, as well as completing dissertation research studies. You may ask yourself; how long does it take to get a DBA degree? At Alliant, you can earn a degree in three years that includes two years of coursework and one year of dissertation research.

Below are a few pieces of advice for you to excel in academia with a DBA and get well-prepared during a DBA program:

  • Figure out early and know well the areas of business you are passionate about and would like to dedicate to in your future career. You are meant to become an expert in the areas of study after graduation. It will be helpful to have a clear goal even before you start your DBA program, with which you will gain general knowledge and skills as well as expertise in the study areas of interest.
  • Strive in exploring. It is a dynamic world, and business theory and social science aspects are rapidly evolving. It is important to be aware of and adapt to new changes and developments. Reading a broad range of articles and engaging in community and social activities is a good way to explore.
  • Value IMPACT, which represents our six core values of Inclusion, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Communication, and Teamwork3



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