Article by Dr. Randy Noblitt Featured in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice


Dr. Randy Noblitt, professor at Alliant International University's California School of Professional Psychology has a new publication in the journal Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. His article is entitled "Social Security Disability Criteria and Substance Dependence."

Article abstract:
Psychologists play an important role in the diagnosis of psychologically disabling conditions. These professional conclusions and their documentation are essential to the process of Social Security Disability determination. Substance dependence is a frequently present complicating factor in these cases. Once considered to be one of the acceptable bases for determining disability status, it now has a disqualifying effect on eligibility for benefits. This article discusses exceptions to this general rule and makes the observation that the personal values and biases of psychologists may diminish the objectivity of professional judgments that are rendered in this controversial area of administrative law. We review applicable sections of the APA Code of Conduct and make recommendations intended to promote competent ethical practice.

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