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A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree provides valid credentials to individuals who have completed six years of higher education. As an MBA degree holder it helps you qualify to work in higher levels of management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship industries. Many have the business acumen, and the leadership and strategic thinking skills fit for international business standards.

A Master of Business Administration degree is applicable to hundreds of different job positions not included in the above list. MBA graduates from a business school are attractive candidates for higher-paying job positions. Here are 12 jobs that require an MBA degree. The following represent additional employment opportunities for MBA degree holders:

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How to Secure Employment with an MBA Degree

To secure jobs that require an MBA, it's crucial to demonstrate to the employer how you can meet their needs, both in terms of your technical skills and soft skills. Technical skills are what get you an interview, but it's your soft skills and personal attributes that may ultimately land you the job. By thoroughly researching the target employer and highlighting how your technical skills and intangible qualities align with their needs, you significantly increase your chances of success. While it's possible that you may not be the perfect fit for every opening, articulating how you can meet the employer's requirements in both skills and talents will help you stand out from the competition.

1. Financial Controller

Financial controllers may also be the company's financial managers. They are high-level executives overseeing accounting departments and the development of financial reports. Also known as a financial comptroller, financial controllers typically answer to a company’s chief financial officer. Smaller companies may position a financial analyst and controller as their top financial manager. Duties of a financial controller include preparing compliance audits, evaluating internal controls, and participating in creating annual budgets.

2. Global Business Manager

A global business manager establishes strategies for maximizing profits across global markets by focusing on international trends, consumer demand, and sourcing of services and goods. A global business managers may also act as a marketing manager and initiate marketing campaigns to optimize services or products that exploit particular market niches. In addition to managing reports and analyzing international markets, global business managers are also oftentime innovators, dealmakers, and expert conflict handlers.

3. Product Manager

A product manager is a crucial member of any production team, responsible for overseeing all aspects of product development and marketing. They ensure the smooth progression of a product, from its initial concept to its eventual shipment. Acting as a mediator between the different departments involved in the production process, the product manager works to ensure that all products meet the specified specifications and production guidelines. This requires a keen eye for detail, good organizational skills, and the competence to communicate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders. In short, the product manager is responsible for ensuring that products are developed and marketed successfully and efficiently.

4. Sales Manager

MBA holders that work as sales managers drive the success of an organization by building and leading its sales department. They are tasked with setting sales targets, creating sales plans, and managing sales quotas. A sales manager's job description includes the use of data analysis, such as sales data and customer satisfaction rates, to design flexible sales strategies aimed at helping the company reach its sales goals. They also have the important responsibility of recruiting and training the sales team. Through their leadership and strategic thinking, sales managers play a key role in ensuring the long-term success of their organization's sales efforts.

5. Hospital Administrator

A hospital administrator or health services manager oversees all types of healthcare facilities, from medical facilities and nursing homes, to mental health clinics and rehabilitation centers. Hospital administrators are responsible for developing and implementing financial budgets, securing funds, hiring staff, and working with board members. Knowledge of accounting, economics, healthcare administration, and organizational psychology is essential to being a hospital administrator.

6. Management Consultant

Improving a company’s performance, solving internal problems, reducing expenditures, and ensuring sustainability of a company’s direction are just a few duties management consultants are hired to do by stagnant or failing businesses. Management consulting includes extensive research, business analytics and solutions for the overall efficiency of the company. Management consultants may work with human resource departments, accounting departments, and large multi-national firms that need assistance in remaining viable in a globally competitive market.

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7. Investment Banker

An investment banker is a type of corporate financial advisor acting in a capital market advisory capacity for governments, corporations, and large businesses. In addition, investment bankers help clients raise funds in capital markets, offer advisory services, and help complete merger and acquisition activities.

8. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Commonly referred to as information technology managers, computer and information systems managers develop, coordinate, and oversee computer-based activities within organizations. MBA graduates who work as IT managers are also responsible for choosing, implementing, and streamlining the operation of computer systems to achieve goals essential for a company’s long-term viability.

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9. Operations Management

A business operations manager ensures operations are carried out in the most cost-effective, timely, and accurate manner as possible. They work with the company's operations research analyst to ensure that operations are in alignment with any quality or compliance specifications affecting the business operations. Operations managers work to improve operations/employee productivity and performance by training managers and preparing reports for senior executive personnel.

10. Private Equity Investor

Private equity investors are responsible for raising money from retirement and pension funds, limited partners, wealthy people, and insurance companies. They are also qualified to source and finish deals for acquiring businesses, improve management of portfolio companies, and sell portfolio businesses for a profit.

11. Commercial Banker

Commercial bankers manage bank branches and provide leadership for bank personnel. Common duties of a commercial banker include denying/approving loans, acquiring customers, coordinating multiple departments within a bank and supervising staff.

12. Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists invest in business ventures by providing funds for expansions or start-up businesses. A venture capitalist on its own is rare. Most venture capitalists work for professional firms sustained by several venture capitalists who work together to maximize their skills and resources.

Advantages of Pursuing an MBA Degree Online

Online business programs provide a comprehensive education that prepares MBA students for careers in business administration and leadership. Despite being conducted online, these MBA graduate programs offer the same opportunities for collaboration, networking, and interaction as traditional, on-campus programs.

Additionally, online MBA programs have the added convenience, accessibility, and flexibility to accommodate the busy schedules of MBA students. This combination of a rich educational experience and practical scheduling in a masters degree makes online business programs a compelling option for those with busy schedules who seek to advance their business careers.

Interested in pursuing your Masters of Business Administration (MBA)? The California School of Management & Leadership at Alliant International University offers an MBA program at our San Diego campus, as well as online. After earning your MBA, consider taking it a step further as we also offer a Doctor of Business Administration to help you advance your career. For more information,

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