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CSPP Community Engagement

Make your difference through service to your community.


Making a Difference

When you become a graduate student at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), you’ll quickly see that direct service to the community is an important component of your learning experience. One of the original precepts behind the founding of CSPP is a strong integration between academics and hands-on work skills, which is key to success in education, organizational development and business careers. CSPP students provide many hours of mental health, consulting and other services to the surrounding community, with a specific focus on under-served populations. Often, research on various social and behavioral issues is conducted in conjunction with these services.


Psychological Service Centers

The Psychological Service Centers affiliated with CSPP provide an integral part of the clinical psychology training programs at CSPP. Clinical services are provided by practicum students and interns under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty. In Fresno, for example, students provide psychological services while receiving individual and group on-site supervision in a variety of areas including child and parent clinical cases, in-home geriatric clients, disability evaluation, juvenile probation assessments, child protective services, family court service child custody evaluation, and hospital-based assessments.

Community Services and Placements by Locations: