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PhD in Clinical Psychology Experience Areas, Fresno

Explore new ideas and expand your practice with experience and emphasis areas.


Experience Areas Overview

Buddhist Psychotherapy Experience Area

Mindfulness and meditation-based practices have increased steadily over the past decades, even as scholars such as Jon Kabat-Zinn have noted the independence of these practices from the original teachings and theoretical origins from which these practices have derived. The Buddhist psychotherapy experience area aims to address this void in the field of psychology.


This experience area provides some exposure to the philosophical and psychotherapeutic aspects in the fundamental teachings of early Buddhism as found in the Suttapitaka. You’ll also be introduced to early Buddhist meditation practice and are required to participate in a three-day silent meditation retreat at one of our CSPP campuses as part of your skill development. The goal of this experience area is to give you a practical and coherent framework to practice psychotherapy where secular early Buddhist theory of the mind and the theoretical bases of mindfulness are at the core and Western psychological principles and practice are integrated into it. Coursework and case consultation prepare you for further professional development and specialization beyond the doctorate.